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5 most used letters in the car industry

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Naming cars is a weird piece of work that car manufacturers have to do. Of course you have to give a name to the car you just made, or else people would just go 'I want to buy that...thing.', and that is not very good.

But car manufacturers are somewhat boring, they would sometimes dig around their history books and find some car names in their backyard that would work. But in order to show the grade of the car, they have to resort to some letters.

These are the most used letters in the car community.

1. 'd' - Diesel

Credit: http://t3car.blogspot.com/2009/08/bmw-330d-first-steer.html

It's a diesel, which means it's going to be boring. But you have to show the audience that it is something that is 'economical' and 'diesel', so the prime option is to take out the 'd' in diesel and dump it after the name of the car.

There are many other cars that do this, Audi with their 'TDI' engines which have a 'd' on it to say it's cheated when testing emissions, Mercedes has got the 'C250d' and the likes to say proudly that they've put the wrong engine in the wrong car. That's just how things work.

2. 'i' - something smart and eco-friendly

Credit: https://insideevs.com/rumor-longer-range-new-2018-bmw-i3-launch-next-year/

Again we're sticking with BMW for our next letter - 'i'. It would seem as if the car community has a common thinking that the letter 'i' tells the world that the car is eco-friendly and smart. It has to be the small letter 'i' that counts, because it's got a dot on top of the letter.

Car manufacturers love the letter 'i', Honda for example, stuck it on top of their engines and shouted 'i-VTEC', to show that it's intelligent. Mitsubishi too has something similar - the car 'i', it's just one letter and that's it.

3. 'L' - Luxury long wheelbase goodness

Credit: http://www.illinois-liver.org/tag/audi-a8-l-w12-wallpapers/60

Nothing shows your luxury goodness more than the letter 'L'. The letter 'L' is the acronym of long wheelbase. Car manufacturers love this letter, especially when they have a luxury car in the range.

Audi for example, uses this letter on their A8, BMW sticks the 'L' onto their S-class, BMW puts it onto the 7-series and Lexus with their LS460L and the likes.

4. 's' - Sport

Credit: https://www.carsbase.com/photo/Honda-S2000-pic-61014.html

The 'S' badge really shines in the car community. If you see the 'S' badge, it's probably on something that is fast, handles well and sporty overall.

Normally it's in front of the model of the car, the Honda S2000 for example, the 'S' is in front of the engine displacement of the car, hence the S2000 name. Audi too loves this letter, in fact they put a whole range of cars under the name 'S', the 'S4', 'S5' and 'S8', they're all under the 'Sport' badge.

5. 'R' - 'Racing'

Credit: http://kisekistudio.com/blog/nissan-gt-r-spec-v-r35/

This one really needs no introduction - 'R'. If you see it on a car, it's probably developed for the track and is ludicrously fast.

Car companies do adore the letter 'R', often they'd paint it red and place it somewhere after the name of the car, to show it's racy and it's racing heritage. The Nissan GT-R for example, the 'R' legitimately stands for 'racing' because GT-R back in the days were developed for racing in Japanese Touring Car Championships Gr.A category, as we've touched base on before.

Honda Type R is another example. They proudly stuck it in some road cars back in the nineties till now as it shows their proud racing history. The list goes on and on, and it's probably the most used alphabet in car history.

Which letter do you think is the most over-used? Tell us in the comments!

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