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    5 new cars that do not deserve the hate (And 3 that do)

    This is my opinion, not yours, SO YOU CAN SHOVE YOUR HATE COMMENTS UP YOUR BUTT!!

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    A lot of new cars have come out in recent years with car enthusiasts constantly complaining about some little thing whether that be related to the car itself or just the generic complaints about the car not being as good as the previous version. That is pretty much all of the comments on most new car reveal videos from places like CarWow. Most of these comments tend to be from people with nothing better to do and just want to complain about how cars were better then they are now however, some of these cars do not deserve the hate and some do and so here are 5 non limited production cars that do not deserve the hate and 5 that do (in my opinion).

    I have to emphasize that this is my opinion as there are still people who do not understand that other people can have their own opinions and will not stop attacking till they agree with their opinion. So now that the disclaimer is out of the way lets start.

    Cars that don't: 2020 Land Rover Defender

    The first car comes from a brand that gets nothing but hate from internet commenters and this is perhaps the most hated one. For those who do not know, Land Rover decided to revive the defender name after making the same old Defender for a very long period of time and what resulted was a modern version of the defender, this made people mad... the reason this made people mad was because the new version was not like the old Defender, compared to the old one this has more tech, more modern looks and a more modern design and this is something that people hate as when they think of a Defender, they tend to imagine a no nonsense, unsafe, terrible to drive and terribly under equipped truck that exists just to pull stuff and work as a farm vehicle. The main point of hate apart form all the stuff I mentioned above is the fact that the defender has become more like a Range Rover and will only be bought by people, they have called it the new Discovery (it looks like one tbh).

    The reason I think this car does not deserve the hate it has is because you cannot really sell a car like the old Defender as if you try to make a car that looks like the old one and try to make it comply to modern safety regulations, you probably end up with... the Suzuki Jimny. But the main reason I think Land Rover cannot sell a car like that is because Land Rover has a brand image now that does not really include what the old Defender was and if they made the new Defender like the old one people will wonder why would they pay a premium price for a car that is unsafe, loud, under equipped and cheap inside when there are better alternatives like the Suzuki Jimny for way less then what Land Rover wants to charge.

    Cars that don't: BMW M3 G80/BMW M4

    That nose is so fugly

    That nose is so fugly

    The next car is the new BMW M3 and lets be clear first, the grille is not bad... its ugly and offensive looking. In fact I feel its so ugly that the designer/ design team should be burnt or killed live on the internet in front of a socially distanced crowd. The main point of hate comes from the styling and I agree with most if not all of them.

    The main reason I feel people should not hate this car as much is because at the end of the day it is still an M3 and most likely will be nice to drive and the styling should not take away from the fact that its still a new high performance BMW M car that is not FWD and very powerful. And if you are still put off by the styling as I am, because it is a car that will most likely get a lot of after market support I have no doubt that someone will either find a way to stitch a normal 3 series front end or make a completely new front end like Prior Design to fix that offensive nose.

    Cars that don't: Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark 8

    Car number 3 is the new VW Golf GTI mk8, this car and in fact the mark 8 golf generation has gotten a lot of hate for different reasons but I want to focus on the GTI version, the main source of complaints for this car is the lack of aggression in the styling and people also complain about the normal Golf, this time for the normal Golf's front end for being to weird looking and for the interior of both looking very odd with some saying it looks like the inside of a hospital.

    By the time I write this the mk8 Golf R has come out and so far most people thinks it looks better with some saying this is how the normal Golf or how the GTI should have looked like but the GTI should still be given a shot as it might still be a very good driver's car. Once the reviews are out and if the car turns out to be not as good then yeah, go on and hate it but until then I think criticism should be dialed back a little at least.

    Cars that don't: Ford Mustang Mach 1

    Car number 4 is the new Ford Mustang Mach 1, this car is essentially a Bullit Mustang with added cornering abilities with things like suspension and more aerodynamic parts and a little more horsepower that for once will be sold outside of America also. According to what I can find, this car gets hate because it is seen as a "parts bin" car with parts from all different Mustangs.

    However this "problem" seems to only apply to some people as there are quite a lot of people who are excited for this car after the revealing of the controversial Mach E (more on this later). I am one of the majority of people who think its a cool car.

    Cars that don't: Honda NSX 2nd generation

    The last car on that I feel does not deserve the hate is one that I bet you did not know was still around, the 2nd generation Honda NSX. This car has had hate for a lot of different reasons, everything from the way it looks and to the powertrain and to the fact that this Japanese Supercar was made and developed in America. As a result of this, sales of this car have been horrendously low, one example or this is the fact that they sold a whopping 9 units...NINE UNITS...9, N I N E. Needless to say this car is still not selling very well despite a update for 2019.

    This car does not deserve the hate as even if the name is a bit unsuitable for the car the car itself is a really quick car that can challenge modern supercars due to blistering performance, give you the attention you want if that is what you crave and due to the fact is that at the end of the day it is a Honda and will last a long time. All of this awesomeness is coupled together with the fact that the price is relatively low for what you get. Due to poor sales it is very likely this car could become a collectible car.

    Cars that do: Ford Mustang Mach E

    Starting the list of cars that do deserve the hate is the Ford Mustang Mach E, a car that gets hate for one well deserved reason in my opinion, the name, the reason it gets the hate is because when Ford announced that they were making a Mustang inspired SUV the internet was not expecting Ford to just use the Mustang name directly and when it was announced, the Youtube videos of this car was bombarded with hate comments saying it should not be called Mustang and I, agree, I feel that it is a horribly inappropriate use of the Mustang name as naming an SUV Mustang has tainted the Mustang name and turned it into something that it isn't.

    The only defense of this car I have is for the car itself and not the name as I feel (along with most of the internet) the Mustang logos should be removed and replaced with normal Ford logos. In fact if this car was not called Mustang it would not have received all the hate it has got as on paper this looks like a very promising car. I understand why Ford did it but I don't think the rest of the internet will be as sympathetic especially when "Karen" turns up to a Mustang meet in her "Mustang"

    Cars that do: BMW M135i (F40)

    The next car is the current latest BMW M135i. The current generation of BMW 1 series in general has gotten a lot of hate mainly for being FWD instead of RWD and all of this hate has doubled when BMW released the high performance version to succeed the old M140i. This new M135i has a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 cylinder with 306hp connected to an 8 speed Aisin gearbox driven to all 4 wheels via a front biased X drive system.

    I cannot really defend this car as in all performance areas it is worse than the old car, according to carwow the new car is slower and the new Aisin gearbox does not respond as well as the well known ZF gearbox. The only defense of this car I have is that as a normal hatchback it is way better then the old car but this is the high performance version and it should be more exciting and better in everyway and what we got in the end was a slower car that is also uglier and less fun due to lack of manual gearbox. I feel if you are going to get the new 1 series I think that the normal one is a better one then the "M" one.

    Cars that do: BMW IX

    The last car on this list is the recently unveiled BMW iX, if you have the use of both your eyes I do not really have to tell you why this is on the hate part of this list. But if you somehow have not seen this thing yet just look at the picture above and you can probably see why. This car got so much hate that BMW made a video with this car saying "What's your reason not to change" to try to defend their hideous design. Whats more BMW claim that this one is all about mobility and not being the "ultimate driving machine" as they claimed they focused on the interior. Mind you, this car is not slow as it still has a 2 motor drivetrain with 500hp and 0-100 km/h is less then 5 seconds

    I guess the only nice thing I can about it styling wise is that it follows the vision i next concept very closely (maybe too closely). Other then the offensive styling I'm sure that the car will be very nice to sit in and decent to drive.

    And that is the list, I know there are more cars I am not aware of that probably deserve a spot on one of the spots on the list. Feel free to tell me any cars that I missed that should have been on the list. Thanks for reading and of course if you are about to tell me I am a idiot just read the text below the title.

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    Comments (49)

    • The grill on the new M3/M4 definitely deserves some hate, it looks like a beaver and with the MK8, it just doesn’t look right or as good when compared to the 7 previous generations IMO. But other than that I’m sure they’ll be great cars and maybe they’ll grow on me.

        4 days ago
      • The grille is something I will hate forever but I put it in not deserving because of Prior design's aftermarket grille which I feel can rectify the issue

          3 days ago
    • The new bmws DEFINITELY deserve the hate

        3 days ago
    • To be fair the grill suites the IX, but doesn't suit the M3 or M4 in anyway.

        4 days ago
      • Really? I feel the IX should have a grille like the i3 instead of the new 4 series

          3 days ago
    • Not a bad article actually, but your header comment regarding hate comments was so off putting (as the British say), it was hard to continue. Don’t forget, as an aspiring journalist, your objective is to have people actually read your work.

        4 days ago
      • I disagree. The title drew me in and I enjoyed the article. I'm an American so we know haters gonna hate.

          4 days ago
      • Yeah but last time i didnt put something like that hate comments just poured in but thanks for the feedback

          3 days ago
    • Lots of BMW's on here. Can't disagree with your list. You nailed it!

        2 days ago
      • Thanks,it was suppose to be 5 that deserve and 5 that dont but i did not want to fill the hate part with bmws

          2 days ago
      • Lol, fair enough. Yeah it's weird they made their engines and driving dynamics desirable again but messed up the styling. Not sure what's going on there but people need to be fired from a canon into the Kuiper Belt.

          2 days ago


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