5 of the best car-themed Watches you can buy right now

From Breitling to Tag Heuer, there are some very nice car-themed watches you can buy

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Watch makers started to take inspiration from cars in the mid-20th Century. Many watch brands were inspired by the aerodynamics of racing cars and made some special watches. Since then, we have been blessed with some incredible watches taking inspiration from cars. Right now, there a number of beautiful car-themed watches that you can buy now.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Racing Special Edition

Nearly ever carlover on this planet loves Gulf liveries. The orange and blue livery is synonymous with legendary racing cars. For those who want to tell people they love the Gulf livery and are a huge motorsport fan, this watch from Tag Heuer is perfect. It has the perfect blend of the iconic blue and orange colour. Tag Heuer has merged dark blue, light blue and orange colour in a simply sumptuous way.

Breitling Bentley Centenary Limited Edition

Bentley and Breitling's partnership is the longest ever partnership between a watch brand and an automobile manufacturer. The British carmaker joined forces with Breitling back in 2002 and the two have combined for some beautiful timepieces. Case in point, this Centenary Limited Edition echoes the wooden dashboard of the legendary 1929 Bentley 4 ½ Litre Supercharged "Blower." The watch also has a brown quilted calfskin strap inspired from the seats in Bentley's cars.


The Jaguar D-Type is arguably one of the most beautiful British car ever made. In order to celebrate the classic car's achievements, watchmaker Breitling joined forces with Jaguar and created this beauty. The watch has a blue dial with a bi-compax chronograph and brushed nickel subdials along with the classic Jaguar logo. The back of the watch looks like a Jaguar steering wheel from the 1950s. Lovely.

Singer Reimagined Track1 London Edition

While Singer is known for restoring and making beautiful 911s, the American brand also makes some exquisite watches. Singer makes two watches right now - the Track1 and Flytrack. The Track1 has several different editions most of which are sold out. The London edition you see above is still in stock and it is the a simple-yet beautiful watch. Blending blue, orange, black and silver colour, this watch is as beautiful as the 911s from Singer. This watch's maker says: "Track1 is essentially a Chronograph that tells also the time of the day."

Rec Watches P-51 Limited Edition

The watch you see above come from REC watches - a Danish watch-maker obsessed with the Ford Mustang. This watch is perfect for Mustang fans and can be bought in two colours - red and green.

The watchmaker describes the Mustang in a very iconic way which we love - "A Mustang isn’t a perfect car, it isn’t a comfortable ride or the most aerodynamic thing you’ll ever see. The Mustang, however, is the perfect machine. When you drive it, you can feel every bolt and rivet working together to create something out of this world. The Mustang doesn’t exist to get you from A to B. It’s build to represent speed, power and noise. It forces you to remember that you’re strapped in a metal box moving forward by controlled explosions."

Only 318 red and 282 green watches are left, so if you are looking to buy one then you better be quick.

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