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5 of the greatest car disappearances in history

Cars have been part of society for almost forever now but there have been a few of them that has been lost through the pages of history never to be heard of again.

Some of them ranging from concept cars to celebrities, the car world had had more than a few famous disappearances. Let us take a look at only a handful of car disappearances over time.

5: Bugatti Aerolithe

Image source: ncartmuseum.org

The Bugatti Aerolithe popped up in 1935 at the Earl's Court motor Show in the UK and after one road test it was lost in the times of history.

Its location was lost and gone without a trace. The body was made out of magnesium mainly because it was lightweight. Although in there was a replica created of this lost masterpiece.

4: Renault Type CB Coupe Ville from the Titanic

Image source: rmsothebys.com

Since the Titanic sunk in 1912 the story has captured our hearts. But there is still much mystery over what happened to William E. Carter's, one of the survivors of the sinking ship, Renault Type CB Coupe Ville.

Although some people think it never went on the ship and in the documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss, they found crushed metal on the ship where the car was stored but still unsure whether it was the car or not.

3: Jim Morrison's Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Image source: Street Muscle magazine

Also nicknamed "Blue Lady" was Jim Morrison's pride and joy and even featured it in his art movie When You're Strange.

There are many rumors surrounding where she is right now. One is that Jim crashed his car after drinking too much and when he went to retrieve it in the morning it was gone.

Another one is that he left it at the airport in France and after his tragic death from overdose it was sold.

2: 1956 Chrysler Norseman

Image source: Mac's Motor City Garage

This radical concept car was built by Chrysler in 1957. It had a V8 Hemi engine that was expected to produce 331 hp.

The Chrysler Norseman was shipped on the SS Andrea Doria. However, it collided with another ship and sunk just 60 miles from U.S shores. It is still unsure how its condition is under 50 meters of water but most believe that only the engine block may be left.

1: James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder

Image source: The Outlierman

After James Dean's tragic accident the car was very badly damaged and after a few owners it ended in the hands of George Barris.

The "Little Bastard" was the going to be shipped from Florida to California but sadly it never arrived in L.A. It was mysteriously stolen with some even believing that George Barris had something to do with it.


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