I'm not sure about the rest of the world but here in the UK the standard of driving has been getting progressively worse and worse to the point of every trip being stressful enough to pull your own hair out. But what are the most annoying habits, or more importantly, what are the most annoying habits for you?

Middle lane hogging

I'll start with the obvious which are middle lane hoggers. For me there's nothing more frustrating than driving along the motorway and coming across a lemon in the middle lane travelling slower than everyone else who are completely and utterly oblivious to everybody around them. Unfortunately due to stupid traffic laws here in the UK it's illegal to undertake (which I found out the hard way) meaning we have to move out into the outside lane which ultimately causes congestion.

The police have slowly started to react on punishing these people but it hasn't even scratched the surface.

People who don't indicate

I'll try not to dip into the 'oh look, a BMW not indicating' stereotype because it isn't just them and it's seriously infuriating. My pet peeve is when you're waiting to pull out on a busy roundabout and some plank decides to pull off without indicating or being behind someone who suddenly decides he's going to hit the brakes and turn off.

It's a selfish act that is more annoying than what it's worth.


Again, ignoring the obvious stereotype of having an Audi two inches off of your arse, tailgaiting can be counter-productive because it makes the person in front more inclined to drive slow with the aim to piss the person off behind. It's childish but I find it hilarious.

Drink/drug drivers

The worst by far for me are people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are impaired behind the wheel. It's a selfish act which has injured and killed hundreds of people over the past few years and I still to this day I refused to drive if I've had any drink at all. A few countries have it right with laws that prohibit any alcohol in your system if you plan on driving.

People who don't realise their mirrors are still folded in

Okay this one could be considered a tad pathetic but it shows a complete lack of awareness when someone can't or doesn't realise that they can't see out of their side mirrors. The standard of driving is poor and these people are the epitome of why.

But enough of me, what bugs the hell out of you guys?

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