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5 Of The Worst Traffic Jams Ever.

For any person transporting, be it young or old, rich or poor there is one problem that is inevitable. Traffic congestion. This issue is so dreary that the media mogul, Richard Hammond once parked his Porsche in a traffic jam and ran home as he was getting late for his daughter's birthday party.

Sometimes, this flimsy excuse turns so nerve-racking that a few people had to wait for days (not hours) in a pile of motors. Through this article, I want you to stop lamenting (you might be stuck in one while reading this) and feel fortunate that you are not one among them who had to brush their teeth inside a car.

In no particular order, here are the five worst traffic jams...

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL- 2011.

It looks like a white blanket just covered the city...

On February 1st of 2011, heavy snow fell over the city of Chicago, unfortunately during the rush hour in the evening. This caused a major chaos in one of its busiest roads, Lake Shore Drive. The blizzard was so devastating that snow cover was as high as the cars' windshield. Hence, motorists had to leave their vehicles and were forced to stand out for 12 hours under freezing temperatures.

East-West Germany, 1990.

The 9th of November marks an important day for Germany as the Berlin wall was taken down on this day in 1989. April of 1990, oversaw many tourists flocking to meet their relatives in the other part of Germany. This caused a ruckus on the Autobahn that made motorists face a congestion for 30 miles. Another startling fact, the road which was built for 500,000 cars was filled with a whopping 18 million cars in that month, hence being the main cause of mayhem.

Beijing-Tibet Expressway, China-2010

That man in the blue shirt wanted to by himself lunch...

Talk of the worst traffic congestions and not mentioning this episode is blasphemy. This is officially the world's longest traffic jam that lasted for a whopping 11 days. Vehicles were held up for 60 miles and drivers moved only close to 0.6 miles a day. The cause of the congestion was the sliding of overcrowded trucks on the road that carried mined coal from Inner Mongolia towards Beijing. This also, indirectly halted many coal factories in and around Beijing and hence power supply was stagnated. Another interesting fact, the hawkers who sold grocery for these stranded motorists tripled the rate and looted the helpless who were ready to do anything to survive the 11 day halt.

Brebes, Indonesia 2016

I know that you already are fed up of these pictures. Courtesy- MSN Images

The facts that I am gonna quote will convince you that this is the most brutal traffic jam. 3 days, 13 miles and 12 people DEAD. That's how horrendous this congestion was. The month of July sees a lot of tourists flock to their near and dear on the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr. The poor highway administration also added to the misery. The entire stretch had thousands of people missing an auspicious festival.

Moscow-St. Petersburg Highway (M-10), Russia-December 2012

This picture was taken after the snowstorm in January of 2013. Courtesy- MSN images

There was a 118 mile between the two of the most populated cities of Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow on 3rd December 21012. It was claimed to be because of a snowstorm. The trucks were moving at a speed of 3-5 mph and there was only a lane clear in every five hours. This meant that an average truck needed 13.5 hours to cross through the congestion. To add to peoples' miseries, the cafes and the gas stations hiked prices to nearly triple the market price. A truly horrible situation to be in, isn't it?

(So, guys!! Hope you enjoyed this listicle. Please leave a bump if you did so. Also, don't forget to comment if you feel you were stuck in a jam worse than that. Okay, now I have to go else I might too, get stuck in a Readers' congestion ( :D))


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  • Evacuation of Houston during Hurricane Rita was terrible. Not as bad as what you listed, though.

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  • # 6 - Any day in Seattle.

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