5 Porsches I Love that Aren’t From Porsche

18w ago


I went for a bicycle ride the other day and came across a wonderful Porsche Showroom, without entering I saw a beautiful 1980s 911 SC in silver. Based just on its looks, I would buy that 80s model over the new one. It just looks better.

I came home and decided to find out how much one of them cost. The massive price tag didn’t surprise me. Then struck the price to keep that car in good shape and specialist's prices, after my brain turned numb, I decided to find cars that are based on old models of Porsche but, are just better than their old design and engineering.

I came across 5 cars I would definitely purchase over most of the new Porsche models available. Please note - these are in a league of their own.

1 Singer 911 DLS

The 911 is one of the most iconic cars out there, it has a richer motoring history than some companies and all together is a very good car. But, Singer took the 964 variant of the 911 and created the most awesome 911 of all time. I can go on and on and on about how awesome its looks are, its interior and body being made out of Carbon Fibre with lots of aftermarket parts and the engine done up by Williams Advanced Engineering, and how awesome its aero is with the iconic Ducktail spoiler and its name DLS actually being an abbreviation for “Dynamics and Lightweight Study” - but it doesn’t matter (actually it does). Most importantly Look at it, Porsche could take a lesson on how to make their cars look awesome. Its a shame there are only 75 to be made - I really want one. For now it secures a spot as my Laptop Wallpaper.

2 Emory Outlaw

It is out of Oregon in the US. Emory Motorsports Inc is the company that makes 356 Porsches bespoke to the customer's liking with old school method of making Porsche 356s - it even has a steel body like Porsche originally built it with. But, the engine is a ‘proprietary’ Emory Rothsport 4 cylinder and the design takes on some rally and/or race inspiration. There are Speedsters as well under the same name which are awesome. The part I love the most - it has leather bonnet straps....I am considering being a future customer for one of them.

They have an RS and a ‘Special’ variant (the model is named special). The RS implements some RS models aspects on the 356 body and the Special is a completely bespoke model - Sporty inspiration of the outlaw is optional in the special.

3 Gunther Werks 400R

Nice name for a company, I do really like it. I like 400R much much more. Why - a complete carbon fibre exoskeleton. What is the 400 R - it's the Porsche 993 variant of the 911 models, just more hardcore. It is so hardcore that the rear seats are no more, the 2 seats that are available are carbon fibre bucket seats and the interior is filled with Alcantara, carbon fibre and aluminium accents. There is a Ducktail optional to the giant spoiler with air intakes. The fun bits are the headlights that are LEDs with carbon fibre and forged aluminium which accommodate Bi-LED projectors for daytime lights, all in an hand-polished aerospace grade glass (sounds like the headlights cost more than most cars). The sad bit - 25 to be made.

4 RUF CTR (2017)

I recon this list wouldn’t be filled if not for RUF. Its latest artform is a tribute to the Yellowbird. This is a very nice number for the horsepower - 700 with a 6 speed manual transmission. This belongs to a Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis. This makes the The CTR the 1st rear engined and rear wheel drive car to have this configuration. Unique in its way indeed. But it does not stop there - its total weight is 1200 Kgs - not bad for this model indeed. This results in a top speed of 225 miles per hour. The sad part - 30 to be made - plus side - that's 5 more than Gunther Weeks 400R

5 Paul Stephens Touring R Series II

Paul Stephens is UK’s leading Porsche Guy. He restores old Porsches and makes better versions as well. Even though he brought out a 964 done up in a British LeMans Style, I still prefer the Touring R Series II. Based on the 911 from the 70s, you get the option of rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, and engine option of 3.6 with 275 BHP, 3.6 with 300 BHP or 3.8 with a 350 BHP and will do a top speed of 160-175 mph. Interiors and paint colours as you like with seats in the back for the kids or the option for additional storage (and bespoke luggage) if you don’t want the rear seats. What attracts me most to this model is not the car but the warranty - A 3 year 60,000 miles warranty with upkeep servicing at 12,000 miles. It's the most practical of the 5 cars.

To date Porsche has been one of those company that manufacture brilliant cars that I don’t like due to the people who own them being complete snobs for one reason or another (this is out of personal experience), and I also wouldn’t want one because of the price tag associated for the specifications I would like to have on one. But, after creating this list, I want a Porsche, but, one that is on this list.



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