5 practical stocking fillers for all your car mates

It's always hard to know what to get your mates for Christmas (other than crap jumpers) – so here's some inspiration

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That time of year is here already – the moment when you spend 30 seconds thinking about what Christmas presents to buy your friends and family before deciding it's too difficult and sacking it off for another couple of weeks.

Just us then? Luckily DriveTribe is here to furnish you with five cracking gift ideas for your car mates – stuff that will actually be useful and improve their lives, whether it's fettling cars or just living that project car life.

Give the gift of… horsepower

We can't imagine many people being disappointed unwrapping a genuine K&N air filter on the big day. Forget the pigs in blankets, socks and oddly suggestive poster from your touchy feely aunt – a K&N air filter can not only unlock a few more horsepower from your mate's project car, it'll open up a whole new world of induction noise. Yes please.

Give the gift of… convenient fluid extraction

No, it's not a tool for basting the turkey – this is a handheld vacuum-based brake bleeding kit. If you've ever tried to bleed through some nice new trackday ready brake fluid you'll know it can be a bit of a pig. This handy tool sucks the old fluid out and the new fluid into your brake system, leaving you with a nice firm brake pedal as you hammer down into Druids at your first trackday of 2022. It won't break the bank either.

Give the gift of… stylish gravel trap extraction

This one's an excellent double-edged gift for your car mates. Not only does it say "I care about you to the tune of thirteen quid", it also says "you crash a lot". Resplendent in Sparco's iconic blue, this is a handy towing strap that your mate can fix to his or her front or rear towing eyes, leaving them ready to be hoisted out of the nearest tyre wall when they eventually get a bit cocky in the first session after lunch.

Give the gift of… toilet paper for your car

Blue roll is one of those things that sits there in the background during every car fettling session in the garage. You don't really know it's there until you run out… and then you're wiping oily hands on your trousers and wondering how the hell you're going to mop up all that brake fluid. Blue roll is amazing – and your mates need never run out if you buy them this six-pack of the stuff for Christmas.

Give the gift of… clearing pesky engine management lights

We love an OBDII reader – they're simple devices that allow you to read (and clear) fault codes, which means they're perfect for someone who enjoys tinkering with their car or removing various safety features in preparation for track life. Whatever your mates do with their motors, there's a good chance they'll find an OBDII reader gives a fascinating insight into the electronic brains of their pride and joy – and they're affordable too, given that they run through a mobile phone app.

What car-related things do you want for Christmas? Tell us in the comments!

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  • i would enjoy receiving all of these things for christmas, especially the blue roll

      1 month ago