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5 pros and cons with autonomous cars

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Often it is claimed that autonomous cars are the future of driving. But they have their pros and cons. Here is a list of a few of them.


Autonomous cars have quite a few advantages that can help improve people's driving. Here are just a few of them.

5: They will reduce driving stress

This is one of the greatest advantages with autonomous cars because sometimes driving in traffic jams can be quite stressful. You don't have to stress anymore at wheel but can sit back and relax while your car zips in and out of traffic.

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4: They will cut down the on accidents

It is estimated that 57 per cent of British and American accidents on the road are due to human error. Thanks to autonomous cars this number shall hopefully go down a lot because they can't be distracted or don't get tired while driving.

Just the other day a Tesla Model S owner was arrested because he was drunk and asleep while his car was on autopilot. But think about it quickly: if the Tesla didn't have autopilot a much more dangerous situation could have occurred.

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3: They will be more effective at parking

This will hopefully rid us of that one guy who can't park in a straight line. It is actually estimated that autonomous cars will help save parking space by 15 percent thanks to their advanced sensors and cameras.

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2: They will be more economical

Autonomous cars will be more economical because they will know how much fuel to use where and when exactly.

Thanks to their built in computers they will also be able to "see ahead" and choose the best route to your destination.

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1: They will help disabled people

The co-founder of Google once said, "This has the power to change lives. Too many people are underserved by the current transport system. They are blind, or too young to drive, or too old, or intoxicated."

They can even help people who don't have their legs or arms to aid them. Which means they won't have to require anymore help from public services or other people to help them get about a town or city.

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Autonomous cars may be the future of motoring but there are some disadvantages that you should consider.

5: Job losses

One of the main issues is that if taxies, buses and trucks start becoming autonomous, like now with autonomous Volvo trucks in mining, the people who used to drive them shall lose their jobs. This could impact the economy of any particular country badly.

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4: Making quick decisions

When I mean make quick decisions I mean if a dog is suddenly running in the road what will the car do? Will it go into the nearby tree and kill the passengers? Or will it kill the dog?

A survey was done on the Moral Machine asking people what they think will be the most "moral" thing to do in different scenarios for the car. I took the survey myself and let's just say that if I was an autonomous car, there would be a lot of dead cats on the road...

3: Prone to hacking

If a hacker gets into the computer system and software it can lead to security problems or even controlling the vehicle.

They can even get personal information leading to you such as credit card numbers, where you live and much more.

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2: Issues with rough weather

Rough weather like sleet and heavy rain can interfere with autonomous cars sensors and cameras.

This can distort the information they receive and could result in some dangerous situations. Although this technology shall hopefully improve over the years to come.

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1: How would a case be handled?

If accident does happen who is at fault? The car manufacturer? The software developer? The driver? It is still unsure how this will be handled with since there is no legal precedent for a case in this situation.

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