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While car industry is affected by the pandemic, let's find out how vintage cars turned from pieces of iron into diamonds.

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In recent years, the price of classic cars has skyrocketed. The value of youngtimers and classic cars continues to grow, with many cases of doubled prices and some extreme cases of real “explosions” that have made nice old cars once accessible to all budgets the new souvenirs for millionaires.

Let's try to understand some of the reasons why today's petrolheads will have to struggle to own a classic car.

1. Personality and uniqueness. We will not name car manufacturers to prevent engineers and designers from complaining and whining. But the truth is, modern cars tend to be hard to identify. SUVs are all boringly the same, and are the best sellers. You will sure remember the legendary sketch issued by the Clarkson, May and Hammond trio in which they do not find the SUV to associate with the key they have in their hands.

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2. Classic cars are just cars. Between sensors, controls, driver assistance and artificial intelligences, modern cars are increasingly similar to computers on the move. Aged cars are just cars. There are a steering wheel, three pedals and a gear lever (not a minor detail). And they must simply be drove. There’s no petrolhead who wants to drive a computer.

3. Identity. Globalization and the resulting mergers of major automotive brands and groups have resulted in a flattening of engineering creativity. And with the environmental psychotic policies of environmental fundamentalists it is really difficult to make a difference. So it is now much easier to find a Renault diesel engine mounted on a Mercedes than the infamous volumex compressor made by Abarth or the legendary Alfa twin cam, which in addition to representing unique solutions were also an expression of a lifestyle in which the car driver and buyer identified himself.

4. Rarity. The cars of the past, unlike the modern ones, were totally plastic-free and completely made of sheet metal. Yeah, in the 1960s they were true ecologists! But sheet metal also entails greater maintenance difficulties. Rust is the enemy of classic cars, and it is very common to find them in desperate conditions. Someone tries to save even the impossible. And time will further decrease the fleet of vintage cars making them increasingly rare. And you know, rare is precious.

5. Nobody wants to drive an hoover. There’s no point beating about the bush. Petrolheads will never give up on the terrible drift of silent cars or cars that make the same noise as a vacuum cleaner. Classic cars stink of gasoline and burnt oil and are extremely noisy. Their charm is unbeatable for this reason as well. And the ever-decreasing fans are aware of the fact that the mechanics of emotions are on the verge of extinction.

BONUS TRACK: dimensions. Let's take a look at the dimensions of classic cars and modern cars. In Italy, in the 1960s, the Fiat 600 Multipla became THE taxi. It was the largest car in the Italian park, a giant for the time with its three and a half meters long by one and a half wide. The Toyota Prius, the favorite car of Italian taxi drivers in recent years, is certainly not the longest and widest car in the world. Yet it is one meter longer than the Multipla and thirty centimeters wider! Six people could be transported by a 600 Multipla. And just five in a Prius. Ultimately, modern cars are unnecessarily bulky and inadequate for the vast majority of European roads, especially those of small towns or, worse, medieval villages. The big trio knows something about it...

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  • We saw this happen in the last economic crisis, where some classic car dealers felt a “boom”, so it is the question of which ones.

      1 month ago
  • If only someone tried to stop wealthy individuals from converting classic cars into EV's as quite a few enthusiasts like me are seeing it as air brushing the past and ruining its originality.

      2 months ago