5 Reasons Not To Buy An Automatic Transmission Car

14w ago


Automatic transmissions are an incredible invention, but when compared to a manual transmission, they have many flaws. Manual transmissions use a clutch instead of a torque converter, and this leads to many benefits, and not just from a driver engagement or "fun" standpoint. From mechanical efficiency to unique driving techniques, this video will cover 5 major advantages of manual transmissions which may make you decide to avoid the slush-box on your next car purchase.

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Comments (22)
  • I have not put it to the test, but do modern cars really start when they have a flat battery if you bump them.

    I would have thought that there was not enough power to get all the electronics powered up, so no petrol will get though.

    As for driving experience, yes it is fun when you get a corner just right, in the correct gear and you power out.

    But I used to commute to Richmond from Aylesbury every day. My left leg is still sore.

    I love Autos, they make driving easier, and you get used to hitting the accelerator before the apex so that it kicks down just right.

    There is a skill to that.

    Now engine braking, really. You are happy to stress the whole drive train for the sake of tuppence ha'penny brake pads.

    1 month ago
  • Horses for courses.

    2 months ago


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