5 reasons the VW Touareg R is a hybrid you want

We give you five reasons the brand new Touareg R is a hybrid we can all get excited about

1y ago

We don’t often get excited about hybrids here at DT towers, but then most hybrids aren’t 462hp super SUVs like the all-new Touareg R. Keep reading for six reasons why the saliva is positively dripping from our mouths (sorry).

We like the styling!

Let’s not beat about the bush, there’s more than a hint of Audi Q8 to the Volkswagen Touareg R. Up front, you get a menacing blacked-out grille and those cool looking matrix LEDs mean you can have a powerful beam of light without having to worry about blinding mere mortals in hatchbacks. As standard, you get 20-inch alloys, but if you have any hope of keeping your head held high mounting the kerb at the supermarket car park, you’ll need the optional 21 or preferably 22-inch alloys. The full gangsta look is completed at the back with darkened LED tail lights and funnel-trimmed exhausts.

Lapiz Blue Metallic is reserved exclusively for R versions of the Touareg

Lapiz Blue Metallic is reserved exclusively for R versions of the Touareg

You can break the speed limit running on electricity!

Okay okay, we’re not suggesting you do that. But, that said, the Touareg's ability to hit 86mph without any help from its 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine should mean it’s easy to stay in cheap and clean electric power when you want to. Don’t want to? Well then, slam your size 11 on the throttle and the 340hp V6 petrol bursts into life – producing 462hp and 516lb ft in combination with the electric motor. That should make for swift overtakes, even if VW neglects to mention any performance figures in the press release they handed us.

The interior’s better than an Audi’s

Yes, you read that right – better than an Audi’s. It’s a bold claim but one that’s borne out by these pictures which show the Touareg R gets a pair of wraparound infotainment screens that make a Q7’s look, how best to put this – under-endowed. And this being the Touareg R, it’s stacked full of standard equipment including real leather seats (note not vinyl, Mercedes), a panoramic glass roof, light up kick plates and aluminium interior trim.

Audi, what Audi?

Audi, what Audi?

It makes a black hole look easy to fill

Let's deal with the elephant in the roof first – the Touareg R’s not a seven-seater. But, if you don’t need those seats, that’s a benefit. Without them, the Touareg’s boot is the definition of huge – 810 litres – and you can expect the R models' to be a similar size, if slightly smaller to make way for their batteries. There’s also plenty of room for five adults to stretch out and get comfy and let's not forget the Touareg R can tow a 3.5-tonne trailer even in its pure electric mode. Find the thought of towing a pain? Then worry not. This is, apparently, the only hybrid SUV available with Trailer Assist that can make guiding your haul into a parking space, around a corner or through a gate, a piece of cake.

It’s still a proper off-roader

The conversion to hybrid power hasn’t stopped the Touareg from being a proper off-roader. Power’s fed through an eight-speed conventional automatic gearbox that can send up to 70% of drive to the front axle and up to 80% to the rear axle via a centre differential lock. The car’s drive select has Snow and Off-road modes, and if you go for the optional off-road package you also get a skid plate to protect the engine and additional modes for Gravel and Sand.

V10 muscle, anyone?

V10 muscle, anyone?

How about an old Touareg?

Remember the old V10 Touareg? 'Course you do. It had so much torque it once towed a 747 jet without breaking sweat. We found this example in immaculate condition and with a full go-faster body kit: read the classifieds ad.

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Comments (21)

  • Nah I like the big diesel V8 more

      1 year ago
  • You would have to be a damn fool to get that VW.

    As soon as you drive it out of the showroom, its value would probably drop by 30%.

    Once the car reaches 150k or so kms, you'll have to get a new battery (amongst other things) at a cost of 15K to 20K Euros.

    In the meantime, the value of the car would have dropped to only 10 to 15% of its original cost.

    In other words, the battery would cost you a lot more than the car is worth.

    This is not even taking into account the horrible reliability of Volkswagens - particularly when it comes to electronics and electrics.

    So, yeah get one if you are keen on losing tonnes of money.

    There are more fun ways to lose money than on VW's.

      1 year ago
  • I like what the Ford guy is doing, I'm a huge fan of VWs of the 2000s, this feels like a return to that...not gonna take the "VW ID golf thingy" steering wheel tho, a car like this deserves some dedicatedly designed bits.... I mean borrow it from Audi/Porsche/Lambo/Bentley...etc if you can't convince the execs to spend the money.

      1 year ago
  • Nah....it isn’t

      1 year ago
  • You mean I don’t want the V10 TDI?!

      1 year ago