5 Reasons Why Formula 3 is Much Better Than Formula 1

As explained by a formula 3 driver

Callum Ilott looks very, very young. That's because he's 18 years old. Despite not coming from a racing lineage, he's taken to the life of speed like a bat to darkness. Red Bull took Callum on in single seater racing at 16 and was their first ever driver to be taken straight from karting to F3. This year he's racing with PREMA Powerteam, who has won the championship for the past six years. He's looking forward to a busy and successful season and hopes he can convince you to watch F3 rather than F1.

Here are Callum's five top reasons why F3 beats F1.

1) The corners can be much faster

The cars aren't anyway near as powerful as the cars in F1 but the downforce means you can corner some of the turns much faster in F3. Because the F3 cars don't have the Drag Reduction System there's little point in trying to overtake on the straights - you've got to go for it on the corners which makes the sport way more exciting, too.

2) the racing is closer

Because you can only swap out the engine, all the cars are essentially the same. This mean you get much closer and more dramatic racing in F3 than in F1. As a spectator sport you get many more tense moments because with close racing you get many more close shaves... or just outright crashes!

3) The drivers are younger

Currently the oldest driver is 22 and the youngest is 16. Most of the big names of F1 have come through F3. You can be a proper hipster and tell all your mates that you had already heard of so-and-so before they got really big if you keep a close eye on F3.

4) The tracks are more interesting

Macau GP is great, as is the street race at Pau. You don't get those circuits with F1. With Macau, the streets are so narrow. It really is like threading a piece of cotton through an exploding needle. There isn't any margin for error - you're looking at either getting a face full of stainless steel Armco or solid brick if you make a mistake. "Run-off" simply wasn't something they were thinking about when they set out the track.

5) You get more races for your dollaR

You get three races a weekend rather than one! How can that not be a good thing?

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Comments (15)

  • Definitely has me interested to watch this come April.

      4 years ago
  • Hmmm - wasn't there something called A1 GP which used F1 spec(ish) cars and top line racers. The cars were basically the same so it was all down to the driver. Shame that the series (which gave us spectacular close racing) ran out of sponsors and tracks to use. I heard in the press the Bernie Ecclecake didn't like it and I suppose he did have quite a lot of control in those days. I know he helped the series get underway...but he did criticise it as well and didn't like some of it's novel ideas. Perhaps it didn't fit in with his plans to make money from his 'victims' - well that was what Liberty Media's CEO Greg Maffei said he called his business partners.

      4 years ago
    • This from F1 news in 2008 just before the series folded:

      "Since its launch four years ago, Teixeira has made A1GP into one of the world's leading single-seater series, competing around the globe – and particularly in the southern...

      Read more
        4 years ago
  • I don't want to watch, I wanna drive. I'm 19 so I've got 2 years before retirement x)

      4 years ago
  • point 1) makes no sense, F1 will go through a corner much faster!

      4 years ago
  • Totally agree. I have been watching formula 4 as well very good to watch. Personally I think formula 4 cars are the best looking open wheelers at the moment.

      4 years ago