5 Reasons why I bought the new M3 over the M4

6w ago
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I get asked daily, why did you buy the G80 M3 over the G82 M4? Here are my 5 main reasons. Hope you enjoy, stay tuned for more YesAuto content very soon... @joeachilles

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Comments (3)

  • When there’s one harassing you in your rear view mirror they look exactly the same…… both ugly and you just just end up forgetting the technical brilliance when it’s got a face even a mother couldn’t love!

      1 month ago
  • M2 CS would have been my pick. Or a lightly-used Lexus LC500.

      1 month ago
  • They're both horrible motorways! Oh... the cars? Hmmn... there's debate about either of those as a wise buy, but perhaps you don't care what they look like from the inside looking out?

      1 month ago