5 reasons why luxury SUVs are pointless

      They are loved by millions, but I struggle to understand why?

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      An SUV. The idea that a land vehicle could be driven absolutely anywhere, a very appealing idea this is true.

      For example, most if not all people would choose an SUV as their vehicle of choice amidst a zombie apocalypse.

      But, what about luxury SUVs?

      Well, I believe that they are actually a monumental waste of money. Hear me out, before you start sharpening your pitch forks - have a look below at the 5 reasons why I think this.

      1. They are very expensive

      For a vehicle that is made to technically be able to tackle any kind of road surface, it will not come cheap. For example the Mercedes above would set you back around £39,000! Having spent that kind of money, only a mad man would the smash the car through thick jungle, or navigate up a mountain; or whatever you Indiana Jones people get up to.

      My point being, most people spending crazy amounts of money on a luxury SUV are simply buying a car with good motorway and speed bump suspension, which brings me nicely onto my second point.

      2. You won’t ever use the car to its full capacity

      These road animals are designed with state of the art technology which you as a customer will pay for but rarely if ever use.

      The chances of an average buyer pushing the limits of car‘s 4 wheel drive system are about as high as the buyer exploring the infotainment system whilst travelling at 70mph on a motorway.

      Most of course would argue that with a bigger vehicle there is more space for technology and gadgets, but how much of that would you actually use whilst driving?

      3. They are much harder to park than most other cars

      Let’s say then that you glossed over the price tag and moved forwards one step closer to buying your luxury SUV.

      We’ve already established that most owners are not very likely to take their SUV on a gruelling adventure. So think about it, not all things are better off being bigger...

      For example, a little Mini Cooper would be much easier to execute a perfect parallel park in that a Roll Royce Cullinan. Before you know it you’re holding up the entire street on you morning commute trying to squeeze your over sized beast into the little space you’ve always parked in.

      4. You’ll be spending much more time in the garage filling up

      This one is simple. A bigger car means a heavier car which in turn means it isn’t more likely to burn through fuel quicker than a sedan or hatchback.

      Some boast high mpg figures but when are they tested in real life situations? Chances are, whilst everyone else is getting home nice and early after work luxury SUV owners will be lining up outside garages to quench their beasts thirst.

      5. Luxury SUVs are a bit...well...bulky

      Below is a picture of a car. A 2018 Ford Focus ST, just have a quick look at it.

      It‘s sleek, sexy and potentially very easy to nip around in and park wherever you like.

      Whereas most luxury SUVs are big, heavy, they weigh a lot and they aren’t really that awesome to look at. You would also be rather unlikely to take your £40k‘s worth of SUV out on a track day because you might have to replace a tyre, costing you another £350.

      For the price of one Mercedes GLC Class, you could buy two of these Focus ST Cars, which is kind of perfect if you have two favourite colours. Then, you could have one for driving around in during the week and one for smashing around a track on your days off. It also has a big boot, spacious back seats for the kids, a nice big infotainment screen; all for half the price of a big burly luxury SUV.

      Think about it?

      So, do you agree?

      Let me know your thoughts on luxury SUVs in the comments!

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