5 reasons why the autocar is the coolest car that was ever on TV

Forget Tony Stark and his Audi there was a much cooler star in the 80s

2y ago

Nowadays when you see a movie like the Transformers or Iron Man you often go "wow! look at that Ferrari 458 or Audi R8!" But if we look deeper into movie history we can see there was a cooler car that make those look like nothing.

That car in question was the Autocar which starred in the 1983 TV series Automan. Even if there was only 13 episodes aired, it took viewers into a science fiction world of comedy, adventure and mystery.

The TV show was about a police officer who goes by the name of Walter Nebicher (called Wallie by his friends) and Automan who was an artificial intelligence that helps him solve mysteries and crimes.

Cursor was Automan's sidekick and let us just say he had a very naughty personality especially when it came to woman. Anyway, Cursor was a flying, glowing polyhedron that could "draw" and create any physical objects. This included the Autocar which was a Lamborghini Countach LP400. Here are 5 reasons why it is the coolest car in tv history.

5: Could take corners incredibly well

The Autocar isn't just any Lamborghini Countach LP400. In fact it can take corners better than any car, even compared to today's standards. When encountering a corner it could do a perfect 90 degree turn without even braking. Unfortunately, this meant if you were a mortal and didn't have your seatbelt on, you flew all over the place in the car like a bouncy ball.

4: Brakes better than anything on earth

It could also brake just as well as it could corner. Like let us say that if it was theoretically travelling at 140 mph it would come to a complete halt in 0 seconds when the brakes were hit. Honestly, if we had brakes like that did there would be no braking distance or speed limit. Sadly, that can't even be done today.



3: Could transform very quickly

When I mean transform quickly, I mean transform quickly. The Autocar transformed into a 'autochopper' faster than the blink of an eye. Say if they were chasing someone who had kidnapped another person the car would go from road to air within a few milliseconds thanks to Cursor's "drawing" ability to conjure up basically anything (there was even a Autobike and Autoplane).

2: Can go through other objects

For example if there was a wall other cars would probably crash into it while the Autocar just went right through it. This came in very useful when chasing criminals in the episodes or if the villains were chasing them. Imagine if our cars could do that? Well, you wouldn't have to worry about that tree anymore not to mention insurance.

1: Had extremely good looks

There is no argument here that the autocar is good looking because what is cooler than a black Lamborghini Countach LP400 that had glowing blue lines around it? Okay, I admit the car does look a bit odd in the daylight but at night you basically looked like a streak of lightning going across the city.

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Comments (16)

  • *breaks neck in a corner* Just another day at the office

      2 years ago
  • This is what a Countach looks like on a Vectrex.

      2 years ago
  • Never seen this one but l’m rather fond of the Coyote (looks like a Mclaren race car) from eighties show Hardcastle and McCormick. Just ignore the VW bits underneath πŸ™ˆ

      2 years ago
  • If that braking was the same in HyperCard you would experience insane g force you would probably have to be trained to do

      2 years ago
  • agree!

      2 years ago