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5​ reasons why the Dodge Viper needs to come back tomorrow

T​he Viper. A cool name and an even cooler car!

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I​n 1993, Dodge wowed the car crowd with their modern take on a V10 powered supercar. For a company so accustomed to using throaty V8s, it almost seemed as weird and out of the ordinary as a man who drinks their own pus. If you do this, please leave.

A​nyway, under that runway of a hood sat a Lamborghini-derived V10 pumping out a rather naughty 400HP, which is more than enough to get you along. However, there are loads of different reasons as to why you might find yourself wanting one. And even though it's dead, there are plenty more to make it come back to life. So here are 5 reasons why the Dodge Viper needs to make a comeback!

#​5 - Sinister and Devilish Looks

C​redit - Motor1

C​redit - Motor1

T​here is no denying the fact that the Dodge Viper has always looked good. Sure, once the mid-2000's came along, the design got bland and needed some serious facelift. However, once 2013 came along, we were in for a shock when we saw what the United Stated rednecks in Detroit were able to create. The latest generation looks the most sinister, as if Dracula would be driving one himself. And with that, it is also very handsome, and unlike the McLaren Senna, there was function and form, rather than function over chopped up with an axe.

#​4 - The "Blue-Collar" way to buy a Supercar

Notice I chose a Blue Viper GTS for the Blue-Collar man... C​redit - Mecum

Notice I chose a Blue Viper GTS for the Blue-Collar man... C​redit - Mecum

T​he Viper is very expensive. But in comparison to any other supercar on the market, it was very near half the price. You could argue that this is do to canyon-sized panel gaps and "That'll do" build quality, but that has never really bothered anyone. When new in 1997 for instance, the hot Ferrari F355 cost you a massive $130,000 compared to the Viper's mere and chump-change $66,000. However, you get more power, a higher top speed, and better performance basically anywhere when you go for the Viper.

E​ven still, a used Viper of any year costs just as much as a kidney. And I know which I'd rather have.

#​3 - Comes Free with a Racing Pedigree!

C​redit - Hemmings

C​redit - Hemmings

T​here American snakes are great on the road. They are easy to deal with, cheap to maintain, and comfortable enough that your spine doesn't become one with the chassis itself. We already know this, but even though it is a vicious snake on the road, it's fangs are ready to bite on the track!

S​howing tremendous success with every generation, the Dodge Viper seduced and killed all competition in its path. This became evident as in the late 90's, the Viper one in it's class at Le Mans THREE consecutive years! And that was only the start!

#​2 - Ooooo... That Engine!

I​f you have absolutely ANYTHING to do with cars, you just have to love the V10! Bigger and more powerful than a V8 while still retaining some sort of sanity compared to the V12, it is the perfect engine for anything fast. Derived from Lamborghini when the two companies were buddies, this 8.0L(and later 8.4L) V10 has produced everything from a grandma-exiting 400HP to a dribble inducing 645HP. And that is only for the road-going models! The insanity from the people in Detroit is just insane!

#​1 - It's a Dodge Viper. Enough Said.

Y​ou can say that this isn't actually a reason as to why the Viper name should come back, but you'd be wrong. The shear lunacy with any body style, trim level, and engine displacement is just staggering. Who would have ever thought that you could buy a V10 powered supercar for the price of a two bedroom-apartment in the slums of NYC? And yes, I am calling it a supercar.

Sure, it has its quirks. The body panels don't quite fit, it get's about -3 MPG, and even has a corny logo that lights up every time you brake. But if those are reasons why it shouldn't come back, they too are reasons why it should.

D​odge, please listen to us. The Viper needs to come back. There's no other way.

D​o you think the Viper name should return? Comment below!

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Comments (44)

  • Nice article. Enjoyed it. However, you could have written that in 2 sentences consisting of 1 reason...”BECAUSE IT HAS AN ENGINE!” That would drive the Tesla fanboys mad!

    But seriously, the viper was definitely the ludacris brainchild of Mopar early on before the Hellcats and Demons were developed. And I truly think the viper will come back, because up until now dodge was able to swing its pecker because it made the fastest road going car ever (demon), but with fords new GT500 creeping up on its quarter mile stardom, and GM likely to put their c8 zr1 into hypercar territory, it’s only natural that the boys at Mopar will need to keep their stripes by unleashing a new snake to level the playing ground against its rivals. Maybe a rear engines viper is in our near future 🤔.

    Either way, as long as it’s not a cybertruck, i will welcome it with open arms. Ever since I laid eyes on that devastation Elon calls a “truck”, I’ve grown fond of anything with an engine. I found myself complimenting a guy on his Toyota Versa the other day...

      1 year ago
    • Do not get a Versa. But yes, I totally agree. I feel like Dodge (if it does come back) won’t mind cutting their losses a bit even if they have to. As long as it doesn’t become an SUV, I’m welcoming it with open arms

        1 year ago
    • Lol. Become an SUV.

      It damn well better not

        1 year ago
  • because people like displacement

      1 year ago
  • Id love to see a viper come in at the place i work. God i wish i new more about how to get closer to super cars

      1 year ago
  • They need to bring it back because it is the most unapologetic car I’ve ever driven. You can’t wear shorts because when you step out the door sill gets so hot it burns you. The nose is beyond long, the noise inside is unreal, and up until the last generation the interior is straight bargain basement. But what it does is make everyone who touches it feel like they just got their license. Its loud, it vibrates, the handling was comical up until the last generation, but in America it makes sense of the roads we have. And for what it’s built for it does it better than damn near anything at close to its price point for the year of production. It’s a poster car and America needs a poster car of its own.

      1 year ago
    • Some of its original pieces, like vents and trim pieces were straight out of a catalog. Not even made by a dodge supplier. That’s a budget 😃

        1 year ago
  • The Viper was the first car that made me love cars. The 96 Viper GTS was, and is, an object of my desire.

      1 year ago