5 reasons Why the e39 m5 is the perfect firtst car for the young petrolhead

2y ago


Here are the 5 reasons why the E39 M5 is the best car for the young petrolhead

1. It is's fairly cheap (used), Compared to most cars the E39 M5 has a v8 with about 400 hp and you can pick up one in America for about $14,000 which is a lot less than a mustang which has about the same power, but you wont constantly crash into people when leaving a car meet. For $14,000 you can get a ford focus or an M5 and I know witch I would rather have.

2. It's manual Transmission, the E39 M5 was only sold as a manual so when looking to buy one it's good to know that you don't have to check to see if it's an auto or a manual. As a young driver knowing how to drive a manual will make your driving experience more fun and more involving. Certain driving techniques can be hard to master but once you have mastered the skill you will never look back to and auto.

3. It's sound,

Play video

Skip A little bit for the sound

4. It is easy and semi cheap to modify,

5. It is semi piratical,

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