5 reasons why the Porsche 993 might be the best 911

We just came back from a drive in a Porsche 993 Carrera 4S and it reminded us of how good it is. So good that it might actually be the best 911 ever.

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We just came back from a drive in a Porsche 993 Carrera 4S and it reminded us of how good it is. So good that it might actually be the best 911 ever.

Ok, don't be mad! Me saying that the 993 is the best 911 ever is just an opinion! So bare with me and enjoy this article.

Yes, we've reviewed 993's in the past like the regular Carrera or the mighty Turbo and we've always been impressed by their looks, capabilities and "aura" that surrounds them. The 993 is considered by many Porsche enthusiasts as the last true 911. That's quite a bold statement, but we kind of get why some people have this fixed idea. First, its replacement, the 996, disrupted everything we knew about the 911. Gone were the rounded headlights and gone was the precious air-cooled engine for a water-cooled one. For the first time, the 911 was a "mass-market" car. But, we aren't here to talk about the 996 and its haters. We are here to give you five reasons why the Porsche 993 is the best 911 ever.


Let's kick-off this lesson with the design. You can't miss that, the 993 looks like a typical 911. Ask a kid to draw a 911 and it will look like a 993 or a 964, or a 997, and it goes on and on. It has that intemporal line that makes the car so iconic. So people will argue that it never significantly changed, but I think it's a good thing. Porsche revolutionized the SUV and electric car segment with the Cayenne and Taycan. But, in terms of design, it was always more of an evolution for their core product, the 911. The 993 was no different. It came out in 1994, and the design was smoother than ever. Gone were the sharp edges as on the 964, we now had a 911 that looked like it was carved by the wind. Actually, only the interior of the car barely changed as it is said that all the development money was spent on the exterior. Some say that the 993 is the most beautiful 911 ever. They might not be that wrong.


Yes, the 993 is the last air-cooled 911. It is quite determinent because for most purists, the story of the 911 ended here. Let's not be too extreme here but let's just say that the 3.6 flat-six (3.8 for the RS) is one of the best engines ever made. I love the mechanical noises, the exhaust note and how high it revvs. It truly comes alive when you push it to the limit and will procure emotions like not many other cars. Technically, the 993's air-cooled engine is less efficient and pollutes more. But the engine noise is nicer, and the 993 also proved to be more reliable than some early 996's.


As mentioned above, the 993 is the last air-cooled 911. And some kind of air-cooled bubble started a few years ago making these cars very valuable on the second-hand market. Prices have doubled and as we will see less and less of these cars on the road, we can expect prices to keep on going up. Which makes it a good investment. Obviously, you should have bought one five years ago, but as time flies, this car will soon become a true classic. And, you know what happens to most classics? Prices usually rise

Classic and modern Feel

There is something I like everytime I get in a 993 and it is that classic feel. You get inside and you find yourself in a quite small cabin. The windshield is just couples of inches close to your nose and there is barely anything in there. You got your gear lever, a few buttons and the steering wheel. No fuss. Everything that you expect is here. Obviously, you don't get the extra luxuries or latest technologies you might find in the newer 911's, but that's the whole point! There is nothing to distract you from the road. That promises a great driving experience. The classic feel continues when you drive it. The flat-six makes this oldschool noise that no modern 911 can imitate and if you're lucky enough to get a manual, things cannot get any better. This is not PDK, you need to work to get the emotions. Yes, the 993 offers "classic" features but you can really drive it like a modern car. I know some people that drive 993's everyday as it's fairly practical and easy to drive even in cities. Things that you couldn't do on a daily basis with a 60's 911 for instance. In the end, the 993 offers this classic look and feel mixed with modern driveability. The perfect cocktail?

The Cool Factor

When you have a 993, you join a community of 911 die-hard fans. A sort of club of connoisseurs that respect and admire eachother's 911. I'm not saying that cars that came after the 993 aren't respected but it's just different. You will always find fans and clubs that celebrate the brand and all its models. But you will also find the Porscheists that won't even wave at a 996. That's sad, but it is the reality. If you go on sites like Rennlist, you can really feel the sense of community. You don't get that with many car brands. While we were driving this red 993 Carrera 4S, you cannot imagine the amount of people who smiled and waved. Some girls even looked at me... and I only blame it on the car. So, this might mean that it's cool.

Again, I would like to accentuate on the fact that this is an honest review, so don't get mad if you have a 996, 997, 991! These are awesome cars, and the article is just here to say how great the 993 is in my opinion. After all, aren't all 911's amazing?

Porsche 993 Carrera 4s

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  • What makes the 993 911 great? Four words: Air cooled flat six engine. Nuff said

      2 years ago
  • 964. Turbo. Driven.

      2 years ago
  • I think it’s by far the best looking 911.

    It kinda got the ball rolling on affordable big brakes too.

      2 years ago
  • I totally agree. Gorgeous machine.

      2 years ago
  • always loved the 993

      2 years ago