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5 reasons why this Lexus LFA is a bargain, even at half a million quid

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When the LFA first came out, people call it a total and utter rip off, because a GT-R with similar performance is a sixth the price of a LFA. It only has 552hp which is less than a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari 458 Italia of the same era. Plus, it's a Lexus, and they're charging £343,000 for a car that doesn't have the image of a Ferrari in Rosso Red or a Lambo in bright orange. It just doesn't make sense.

And because of that, Lexus couldn't sell all of the 500 cars. Seriously, 12 LFAs were left new in the American dealerships, waiting to be collected. However, there are some who drove it and loved it. Jeremy Clarkson, for examples, calls it the best car he's ever driven. That's a bold claim.


This, on the other hand, is the only LFA advertised in the UK. The price? £499,950, which for a left hand drive one, may seem very expensive. However, here are 5 reasons as to why this is still the bargain of the century even at half a million quid.

1. It's got an engine to die for

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The LFA may not be statistically brilliant, but it's engine is arguably one of the best engines to ever be put into a car. A 4.8L V10 tuned by Yamaha, and it has the engine note of an angel, and on downshifts, it sounds like a dying bear crying for food. You will hear none of those 'crackle crackle bang bang' shenanigans you find in modern cars. It's just you and the car, the engine and the exhaust note.

Credit: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810301964762

People often say 'the engine determines the character of a car', and that can't be more true in the LFA. No it's not have the most power, nor the most amount of torque, but not only does it has an engine note to crave on about, it's also the baby of Lexus and Yamaha engineers. They want the engine to have the sound of an F1 V10 engine, the size of a V8 and the weight of a V6 motor. The result is an engine that can rev from idle to 9000rpm in 0.6 seconds. With the fuel cut off at 9500, this is one of the highest revving production engine ever. What an engine. What a car.

2. Lexus would have still lost money on one even for half a million quid

When Lexus designed the LFA, they could've finished everything and sign it off in 2005. But they didn't, because they thought carbon fibre would've made a better driver's car than using aluminum. So just as the designers thought they could get back to designing a new granny mobile, they got summoned by the boss and got told to design another LFA all over again.

The result of that is endless rolls of burned money. Rumour has it that Lexus lost half a million US dollars on every LFA sold. The fact that you can buy one at half a million pound today makes it the bargain of the century.

3. It's a Lexus.

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You hear people talking nonsense about how Lexus couldn't make an exciting car, yada yada yada. However, the point of the matter is, they have, and what's wrong with that.

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Reliability has always been the byword for Lexus, and you can tell. One guy of the Internet has an LS400 that did one million miles, and it's still going strong. Of course, you're never ever going to drive one million miles in an LFA, but it's good to know that it'll probably hold up better than your Italian stallions.

4. It's the best car Jeremy Clarkson ever drove

Jeremy Clarkson isn't what you call a conventional car reviewer. He will not say what he doesn't want to say, you can't force his mouth to talk anything good about a Ssangyang, or a Seat, or a Dacia for that matter.

And because he's one of the most renowned car reviewers on television, it's guaranteed that if he says something is good, it genuinely is good. The Skoda Yeti, for example, is marvellous. So will the Lexus be. He calls it the 'best car I've ever driven'. Mark his word, that alone is worthy for you to fork out half a million of you hard-earned pounds.

5. It's going to take care of you if you take care of it

Credit: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810301964762

Naturally aspirated V10, front-engined rear drive with supercar performance and Nurburgring record holding credentials, the LFA has all the right recipes to be a collector's item. Therefore if you take good care of it, polish money into it, drive it regularly and service it even more regularly, you money's pretty safe in one of these, as long as you don't wreck it obviously.

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