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5​ reasons why you should swap your car for a golf buggy

Because your daily driver is just too common.

42w ago

Lightweight, direct steering, short wheelbase and great fun. Golf buggies are almost everything a Mini Cooper wishes it was.

Here are five (semi) solid reasons why you should consider swapping your car for one today...

1​. You'll have better adventures

With the right tyres and kit, the average golf buggy doubles up as the perfect off-road, adventure vehicle.

Unlike an SUV, the golf buggy can be used to explore inaccessible places across different terrains without attracting a lot of attention or digging up the dirt beneath it. As an added bonus, you won't even feel bad about thrashing it around.

T​his could be you parked on the beach.

T​his could be you parked on the beach.

2​. You'll have more money

A new buggy costs a damn lot less than a new car and has lower maintenance and fuel/charging costs.

Ok, that is in part because it can't go over 30mph and has around 4 horsepower, but low costs remain a solid argument in this difficult economic climate. Unless you live in Hong Kong, in which case a buggy costs more than a Ferrari. Sorry.

3​. You'll have the perfect summer vehicle

Think that a convertible is the best summer car? Think again.

Golf buggies allow you to embrace the elements without the need to re-affix a soft top at the slightest drop of rain or deal with the leg-room issues associated with convertibles. They're also less likely to be dubbed as a 'hairdressers car'.

4​. You'll be helping the planet

I​f you fancy going electric but hate the garish styling and boredom associated with the average electric car, a battery powered buggy may be the perfect option for you.

A solid EV of choice, buggies are more fun, more affordable and bound to attract more attention than a Tesla. They also offer more storage and passenger space than a Renault Twizy so you can still road trip with friends or take out that special person in your life. Just look at this happy couple... I've had a date in an Audi A4 and didn't look as comfortable as her!

T​his could be you and your date.

T​his could be you and your date.

5​. You'll be happier

H​ave you ever seen somebody frown whilst driving a buggy? Didn't think so. Golf buggies deliver more smiles with every mile and that is a fact!

S​o will you be swapping your car for a golf buggy? Let me know in the comments...


T​hanks to (wannabe) Pro Golfer Jamie G for the inspiration. May your next shot be a hole in one.

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