5 'Reimagined' classics that are guaranteed to make you drool

43w ago


Cars might just be a means of transport to certain people, but to us petrolheads, it's all about the emotional connections we have with a car, the excitement every time we get behind the wheel and the inevitable jealousy when we see certain cars driven on the roads.

There are, of course, certain cars that are more significant than others, hence why some companies would handcraft them to a better-than-original condition to preserve that piece of precious automotive history. Here are five of the very best.

1. Lancia Delta Futurista by Automobili Amos

Credit: http://mondonewsblog.com/2018/09/lancia-delta-futurista-torna-il-mito-integrale-sogno-da/

“Pure, analogic, raw, and essential” is the motto behind this gorgeous Lancia Delta Futurista handcrafted by the people at Automobili Amos. They see today's heavily computerised machineries a disgrace to the automotive industry. Hence why they've created the ultimate version of the Lancia Delta, which was arguably one of the best rally cars ever.

Credit: https://www.motorfaq.com/showthread.php?tid=5813

Eugenio Amos, the genius behind the company, set out to produce the best Lancia Delta there is, starting from the front, we have the entire fascia created in real carbon fibre, so is the bootlid, the rear bumper and even the engine cover. All those carbon fibre dropped the weight of the car to a staggering 1,250kg, which is very rare in today's automotive industry.

Credit: https://www.mgh.nl/lancia-delta-futurista-is-wedergeboorte-integrale-24772

Power from the 330bhp turbocharged engine is then fed to all four wheels via a reinforced gearbox, a rebuilt differential and main shaft and onto the tarmac. All these, however, comes at a price - €300,000, and only 20 will ever be made. Please do hurry up as Rob Dickinson, founder of Singer Vehicle Designs, just bought one.

2. Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/476607573059195753/?lp=true

Everybody loves a Mini, it's just a fact. Nobody would hate the cute looks, classless status and the nippy handling. Top blokes like Steve McQueen, Enzo Ferrari and Mick Jagger all had classic Minis. Rowan Atkinson even drove a yellow example while sitting on a sofa on the roof of a Mini, that's how iconic the classic Mini is.

Credit: http://en.wheelsage.org/mini/classic/mini_remastered_by_david_brown/inspired_by_monte_carlo/pictures/lnwuei/

So it's no surprise that somebody was going to put a modern twist on the classic little Mini, that somebody turned out to be David Brown Automotive, the same guys that did the £600,000 Speedback GT. What remains from the donor car is the engine, gearbox and the VIN. That's it. Everything, even the bodyshell is new, the engine and gearbox would all be rebuilt and renewed to a better-than-new level.

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/347903139958965767/?lp=true

Inside the Mini it's all very modern, you've got a touchscreen in the middle, switches and toggles which have a high-class feeling, unlike it's original donor car. It makes you feel cozy while handling the ferocious 94bhp put out by the rebuilt and bored out 1.3L engine. All these improvements, however, comes at a price. This is not the cheap old runabout that you see advertised on AutoTrader, this thing costs £75,000, which is a lot. Ouch...

3. Singer 911 DLS

Credit: https://blog.bilbasen.dk/singer-dls-den-smukkeste-porsche-45357/porsche-911-singer-dls-2/

Rob Dickinson may have bought the Lancia Delta Futurista up there, but he hasn't gone all lazy and retired. Oh no, he's still at work in California to create the ultimate air-cooled 911 that would make you shiver every time you see one, because it's just so damn cool. Meet his latest creation - the Singer 911 DLS.

Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Porsche/comments/8y7ljb/new_singer_vehicle_design_dls_dynamics_and/

This might look old and very 911 on the outside, but everything from top to bottom is new. On the business end, the rear-end, we have a four-litre, four-valve per cylinder engine made by Williams Advanced Engineering and it revs to a staggering 9000rpm while producing 500bhp. Couple that with an incredible kerb weight of 990kg, would mean that this thing is an absolute monster to drive, according to it's test drivers, Chris Harris and Marino Franchitti.

Credit: https://moto.rp.pl/parking/14414-singer-dls-bardziej-doskonala-legenda

Such extreme weight shedding was made possible by stripping out the interior completely and putting carbon fibre on absolutely everything. The steering wheel, the instrument binnacle, most of the body panels, everything is handcrafted by the gurus at Singer. Singer themselves can't estimate the price of these DLS, but one thing is for sure, it'll be even more exciting than Porsche's latest 911 GT3RS, and potentially faster too.

4. New Stratos

Credit: http://www.new-stratos.com/en/#/downloads

We have waited for this beast to comeback for ages, ever since this new Stratos had been mentioned by the Top Gear trio back in the early 2010s, everybody has been dreaming of seeing this thing in a car show somewhere. However, the annoying people at Ferrari had said no because to build a new Stratos, you'd need to dismantle a perfectly fine Ferrari 430 Scuderia, which of course they would hate.

Credit: http://www.new-stratos.com/en/#/downloads

However, the masterminds behind the company didn't stop trying, and because the 430 Scuderia had stopped production, they can start making these Stratos without Ferrari saying yes. So the work has begun, to recreate the glory days of the magnificent Lancia Stratos.

Credit: https://www.complexmania.com/new-stratos-lancia-specifications-review/

There are three versions of the new Stratos, the normal one you see up there, a GT racer and ultimately a Safari version, of which the details for the latter mentioned have not been disclosed yet. What we do know, however, is the power figures, which would be around the 540bhp mark, depending on the condition of the donor Scuderia. We do also know the price, each bespoke hand-made one will cost you half-a-million Euros, excluding the price of a donor Ferrari. Wow.

5. Eagle Spyder GT

Credit: http://be.wheelsage.org/eagle_engineering/e-type/eagle_spyder_gt/pictures/wn5g4r/

Pretty sure the name 'Eagle' has stuck in every petrolhead's mind when we saw Jeremy blasting through the countryside in one of the gorgeous Eagle Speedsters, to pay tribute to the Jaguar E-Type, which was arguably one of the finest cars Britain has ever made.

Credit: http://supercars.prestigecarguide.com/article/eagle-spyder-gt?fwd=1

Eagle has never aimed their cars to be the fastest on the market, they also don't plan on making them any faster round the bends than the original E-Type. What Eagle wants, is the enhancement of the original. Better than the original emotionally, rather than statistically. That is why you'll see the power figures, at 300bhp is not particularly amazing. The straight-six engine is also not particularly special, but it's the sensation put together by every single bespoke component that made the whole driving experience so inexplicably special.

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/826551337833412332/?lp=true

At £695,000, this Eagle Spyder GT is definitely not something an average bloke can afford to buy. But think about this, our sons and daughters would most probably have electric cars on their bedroom walls in the very near future. So this might just be the last hurrah for the old time rock-and-roll, and you can't really put a price on a piece of art, right?