5 road legal track weapons you should know about

Which one would you have?

Recently, mainstream manufacturers have spoilt us rotten with track focused mouth watering cars, take the Mercedes One and and Mclaren Speedtail for example.

Whilst they are obviously fantastic cars, they aren't the focus of this article, the focus is more independent companies that have created a track car first and foremost, with the road car aspect coming second. You may even be able to feel the wind rushing through your hair with some of these monsters!

1. Elemental RP1

Elementals first car and they've thrown themselves right in at the deep end. This car is no joke though, as it is powered by a 2.3l 320hp Ford Ecoboost engine (there is also a 2.0 280hp option) mated to a six speed Hewland sequential gearbox. Hewland supply F1 gearboxes so you know Elemental wanted this car to put itself straight amongst the other independent track heavy weights.

But Heavy is something it isn't, weighing in at 595kg that 2.3l Ecoboost engine allows it to race to 60 mph in just 2.6s.

For those that love F1 this is a great car as the seating position means you'll be sat with your knees above your waist. Most journalists say this has a surprisingly natural feel to it.

If it's down force you're after then this car has it in abundance, producing 200kg at 100mph and 400kg at 150mph. Really not bad going for a car with such a muted stylish look. By that I mean there are not extreme wings and most of the down-force is created underneath the body.

The car retails at £99,500 excluding Vat

2. BAC Mono

No way could I have done this list without including one of my dream cars, the BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) Mono.

This is probably one of the closest things you can get to a single seater formula car for the roads. Push rod activated suspension, sliding pedal box and a Formula type steering wheel packed with buttons give the game away with this one. It really does give off that purpose built car look.

I'm sure we all can't forget the images of Jeremy Clarksons face morphing as he drove one of this without a helmet on and that is probably the best option.

The updated version now has 305hp from a 2.5 Ford Duratec engine and does the 0 to 60 in 2.7s. The car has unassisted steering for a pure feel, although I can't imagine a three point turn would be possible in one of these so your hands could end up aching after a while.

After sifting through some reviews it seems the car is very direct and grips to the road very well and is happy to dart in different directions. One on my wish list due to the single seater experience and I would love to pull up at a KFC drive through if I had one just to see the reaction.

Sadly the dream fades when I realize this beast is currently retailing at £167,940, well I best get saving then!

3.Praga R1R

This car comes from a Czech company that produce karts, race cars and now road cars. The company already has pedigree then, which should make this car a winner.

If the looks are anything to go by, then we should be excited, it's brutally styled and looks like and endurance racer. A big wing at the back, lovely curves everywhere and aerodynamically designed, this is one aggressive car.

Touted as a natural rival to the Radical RXC 500, the car makes use of a Renault 2.0l 390hp engine that enables the car to reach the magic 60 in 2.6s.

The car could quite honestly have its own pyrotechnic show as it frequently spits flames out the back of the exhaust. Derived from Pragas race car the R1, it's no surprise the car makes for a well rounded package. Having been commended for it's acceleration, noise and handling which is no surprise for a track car.

Originally configured for a single seat setup, there is an option to add a second. It looks incredibly tight though so it could be quite an intimate experience.

The kurb weight of this car is 670kg which means it has a power to weight ratio of 591 bhp/per ton.

The best thing is unlike some of the cars on this list, you won't get wet as it is a closed cockpit.

It's another hefty price to pay, at £140,000

4.Radical RXC 500

A supposed direct rival to the Praga R1R above, this is Radicals take on a closed cockpit street legal track car.

The styling I'm not so sure on, I like it from some angles but then from others it just doesn't look proportioned very well. It looks a bit kit car like in some ways. The best view really is from the rear of the car.

It is powered by a Ford 3.7l V6 350 bhp engine or with slight tweaking a 380 bhp. It's actually on the heftier side of this lift as it is 900kg, so you'd think it would be slightly sluggish but it still does the 0 to 60 run in 2.8 seconds.

That V6 sounds really nice too, but I hope your driving skills are up to scratch as it has no traction control or ABS, so that could make for an on the edge drive at all times.

There is also five levels of steering input, so you can choose how authentic you want that experience. The general consensus is that the car is literally nuts and probably shouldn't have number plates. It must also be noted that on up shifts the car is apparently quite vicious, probably like being kicked in the back of the head by a horse. A Quaife seven speed sequential gearbox is the perpetrator for that.

The older model may make a better choice though as it gets 500+ bhp

The car makes for really good value compared to the rest of the list at just under £100k and stacks up very well against its competitors.

5. Ariel Atom V8

I know its extremely well known, but it has to make my list. It's still such a feat of engineering, still the big daddy of road legal track day cars.

This car has an mammoth 3.0l V8 in the back that produces a whopping 500 bhp. The car itself only weighs 550kg and can get to sixty in around 2.3s. That's blindingly quick and in such a small car it really is a rocket ship.

Personally, I believe the styling on this is timeless and will still look fantastic in 10 or so years time. You don't get the sound you expect from a V8, but that's because it is two motorbike engines put together and its sound track still isn't too bad.

It's an agile car and ironic but many have said it does feel 'super bike fast'

Can't actually find a price for this one so if you know what they sold for or what they are going for now then please let me know!

There you have it, our picks for road legal street cars. What cars would you have in your lineup? Honourble mentions for the Caterham seven, Ktm-x bow, Radical Sr3 sl.

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  • Rezvani Beast X. 700 hp and less than one ton and a 6 speed manual

      2 years ago
  • I'd go for a Donkervoort D8 GTO RS, the Dutch competitor to a Caterham with a 5 cilinder engine. Such a pure and wild ride.

      2 years ago
  • Wheres the I built it in my shed and it should be safe enough kit car.

      2 years ago