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5 scariest car pranks to pull on your friends

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What happens if you’re bored one day and want to scare your mates with a car prank? Here are five of the best childish things you can do to your friends, family and enemies. Not that we actually recommend doing them. On your own head be it…

1: Mirror mirror...who has just been pranked?

This is a cheap and simple prank. You can put anything there. Dinosaurs, zombies, faces and even a few monsters. Or you can even put it on the mirror that is in the sun visor. Like when your girlfriend or someone else wants to look at their face they see something else.

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2: Car ad

Okay this isn't exactly a prank you do on someones car but it still is a cool car ad I think you will enjoy sending to your friends. Wondering what I am talking about? Well watch the video and find out. Just make sure you have clean underwear lying around as well.

3: Spider web

This can be extremly fun especally if the person you are pranking has a fear of spiders. What could be more fun than see your friends face when they go outside their house and see this on their car?

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4: Headless driver

This is one could be partically funny when you drive past people or go through the local drive-thru. Imagine the reaction you will get when they don't see any head? Also, it could be a good way to get free food if they throw it in the car before they run off screaming.

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5: I just lost my lunch

If you want to gross people out a bit I recommend this one because it really is erm well it can make you feel sick if you look at it. Also, if it is on a specific car it can really look like you murdered someone. Such as a Cheverolet Camaro or a Mustang GT.

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