5 Stupid Car Mods You Should Never Do !

11 days ago


Comments (89)
Comments (89)

Cut Springs

I would've thought that this is a no brainer, unfortunately no, as I've seen dozens of these wallowing caskets on wheels at various car meets. Seriously, almost any modern cars suspension has been meticulously engineered to provide optimal amount of grip, stability and comfort, so for god sake dont ruin thinking that you and your mate to ruin it with a bloody angle grinder.


If you want your car lowered, don't be a cheap-a** and shell out the 150 quid that a set of lowering springs costs these days.

Wiper Delete

Everytime I see a 'Kill all wipers' sticker I fell both a little sad and embarrassed to be part of the car community. It literally does not improve a car in any way, and can seriously ruin your visibility in poor conditions.

I genuinely cannot understand how someone could think it would be a good idea to remove their ability to clean their rear window, especially given the weather in the UK.

Smoked tail lights .

While I will admit that the the wiper delete has certain visual appeal to itself, the smoked tail lights look absolutely abysmal no matter what car they are applied to, even worse so they make every car appears as if thou they belong to a bloke name Liam from the council estate, whose long life career is a benefit receiver and a small time drug dealer in a 10 year old Corsa with smoked tailights.

Matt Black everything

While I admit that a few matt black cars had me stop for a few longing looks, (Audi R8 I'm looking at you, you sexy bastard). Unfortunately certain individuals ( usually wearing Adidas track suits, and Burberry hats), thought that if it looks great on a supercar, it will surely fit their banger hatchback... yeah it does not STOP IT.

Car Bras

I will admit that until researching bits for this article I've had no clue what the hell those are, and given their very specific name I've had no idea how to look them up. Turns out that these pieces of usually black material that ruins the hood of any car it ends up on, has been around since the 1950's originally designed to help protect the paint work from stone chippings.

I suppose people who use this are also the people who leave the protective foil on the sofa, 5 year after the purchase.

Whats a car mod that you cant stand ? Let us know down below, if there is enough suggestion we will do a part 2 !

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Comments (89)
  • The wiper delete and cut springs I can understand, but the rest just seems to bitching because you can't accept what other people like

    6 days ago
  • Excessive negative camber. The car looks like it's fallen off of a building

    6 days ago
    3 Bumps
  • Alloys that do that gay spinny shit, hydrolics that make your car bounce all over the place and covering a car in LED's

    7 days ago
    2 Bumps
  • Bonnet bras look the bis, if like me your bonnet is bartered and stone chipped to Fk .

    8 days ago
  • Chrome wheels, looks so tacky. No exceptions

    9 days ago
    3 Bumps


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