5 Stupidest Crashes ever

Totally stupid drivers...

2y ago

WARNING:Some of these pictures and videos might cause you to laugh to death. I am not responsible for any death from laughter this may cause. So strap in tight and laugh your butt off. Or if you are a serious person be boring.

Check This Guy Out

Looks like he was extremely drunk and forgot which gear was reverse. Next thing the poor fellow knows he is in full reverse and straight into the wall. Probably while going in reverse he broke his TV as well. Wonder if his insurance will cover that.

Time For The Next Batch Then

These are multiple crashes. I suggest you turn your sound off before you watch it or if you don't mind the swearing have it at full volume then. Most of the crashes in this video as you can see are mainly motorbikes. Now we know why Jeremy Clarkson doesn't like them.

Next Idiots...

Got one word for him ... OUCH. Poor car look at it ... totally destroyed. I wonder how much it cost for him to fix it. Oh well no need to worry buddy you can still keep the steering wheel. If that's still attached to the car.


Yeah and my friends ask me why I don't take the bus to school. I think this should answer that question now. Luckily no children or drivers were hurt. Looks like he just drove into a tree ... I am not sure what speed he was going at but something tells me the driver was in a rush.

Final One...

Oh No. Ouch Ouch Ouch. That's going to be expensive to fix. Just looking at it makes my eyes sore. Someone get me pain killer because this is causing a lot. Imagine the price to fix it. By the time they have fixed it you going to have no money left!!!

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I know there are worse and much more funnier crashes out there. So show me some in the comments and opinions below. Oh extra warning don't and I mean please don't try any of this yourself.

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Comments (9)

  • How amusing...

    Also, how dare that infantile pillock, destroy that magnificent McLaren, I propose, we bring back capitol punishment and shoot him in the head, and then sell whatever body parts are still functioning( the kidney, spleen, lungs, etc...), and use the money to restore that poor car.

      2 years ago
  • Damn

      2 years ago
  • P.s where's Hammond's crash.

      2 years ago
  • That last one looks like he was sitting quite happily at the stop line until Lord Ghod Almighty bus driver decided he was in a box junction, the lights had changed, he was now in the way and just reversed into the poor fezza. Why? No skid marks behind the front wheels and that bonnet crease looks to have been done by the bus moving rather than the fezza's inertia.

    Man dies and goes to heaven. He discovers there are roads in heaven, really nice, twisty, unrestricted roads. However, he notices carnage all along them, with flattened cyclists, wrecked motorbikes and cars. He turns to St Peter and says "How did a bus driver possibly get to heaven?"

    St Peter replies "Oh, that's not a bus driver. That's God. He just thinks he's a bus driver."

      2 years ago