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5 stupidest police cars ever

Let's name and shame these police cars

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Police cars are there to help the police catch villains as quickly as possible and out them behind bars. There should be three rules when it comes to a police car. Here are those rules that should be applied.

1: It must be cool

Police cars aren't just for catching villains – sometimes they are used to influence children. But if you have a dull looking car you going to put off the children from wanting to become future policemen and women.

2: It must be fast

You can't go chasing a villain in a fast car with something that has a top speed of 10 mph. Every police car must be fast in order to catch criminals trying to make a run for it.

3: It must be able to have place to put criminals

This is by far the most important rule with a police car. Say if you have your villain and you are in a car that only has one seat there isn't exactly a place where you can put him or her. It must be large enough to fit a villain.

5 stupidest police cars ever

Here are the police cars that don't match those three. Let us name and shame these stupid police cars...

1: Smart ForTwo police car

Image source:

Image source:

This police car has broken all three rules. I don't think any children will be saying "mommy and daddy I want to become a police officer so I can drive a Smart". This isn't exactly fast. What is it going to chase? A snail that has stolen some lettuce? Even then it would have trouble.

The Smart ForTwo doesn't exactly have the space to put criminals in. The only advantage here is being able to find small parking spaces.

2: PT Cruiser police car

Image source: marylandheights.com

Image source: marylandheights.com

This car has broken two rules here: one, that it will make children sick and throw up. And two, that it is slow. Honestly nothing more needs to be said here.

Well there is one advantage here – and that is the criminals will be too busy throwing up to run away making it quite a easy catch.

3: Ariel Atom police car

Image source: 2040-parts.com

Image source: 2040-parts.com

Before you start saying that is a cool police car and everything, remember there is a slight issue here. Where are you going to put the villains once you catch them?

It may have passed the first two rules but it gets an F for the final rule and most important rule. You can't exactly handcuff the criminal to the car and drive off since that is illegal!

4: Toyota Prius Police car

Image source: carscoops.com

Image source: carscoops.com

Germany has a lot of uncool police cars but the worst one by a mile is the Toyota Prius. Just like the PT Cruiser above it is breaking the first two rules when it comes to police cars.

You are not really going to impress any children with those but instead make them cry, and the speed isn't exactly fast.

5: Lada Riva Police Car

Image source: boxnewsbox

Image source: boxnewsbox

Just like the Toyota Prius and the PT Cruiser you not going exactly going to convince children to come police officers and with 80 hp the villains won't exactly be impressed either.

There is one advantage: it passes rule three with flying colours since you can fit three in the back, one in the front and depending on the size of the fifth you can put one in the boot.

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  • You could just go in the atom and shoot the baddie's wheels...

      2 years ago
  • Subaru WRX satisfies all the rules

      2 years ago