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    5 Things All Car Enthusiasts Have Done Once In Their Lifetime

    Come On, Admit it - We've All Done These Things Before!

    4w ago


    Everyone has there own way of expressing their love for their hobbies. Soccer enthusiasts play soccer, artists paint, and car enthusiasts... they do these 5 things. If I've left out something, or you've done one of these 5 things before, feel free to comment down below!

    I hope you enjoy

    #1: Whilst With Friends, You Named All The Cars You Walked Past.

    Come on, everyone has done this before - it's a party trick we all posess! Not only is it fun, but it's a great way to brush up on your random car knowledge!

    #2: When Bored, You Watched Videos Of Cold Startups


    Again, there's no shame in doing this! It's really fun, and it also allows you recognise common engine notes! To quote the Youtuber who made the video shown above, "What could be a better way to start a day by hearing the pure raw cold engine start up sound from some amazing cars?"

    #3: You've Specced Out The Coolest Cars... You Can't Afford.

    Sure, you might cry a little, but this is still a great pastime!

    #4: You've Been On A Bus, And Yelled Out When A Nice Car Drives Past

    Ok, this one may be a bit embarrasing.. try to utter in an undertone next time...

    #5: You've Bored Your Non Car Enthusiast Friends To Death, By Talking About Cars

    Whilst it may be fun for you, endlessly talking about cars to you non car enthusiast friends may be a bit annoying for them.. Keep it to a minimum - unless there's another car enthusiast around!

    Honrable Mentions:

    You've spent way too long cleaning your friends car.

    Pausing on the sidewalk whilst with your friends, so you can take a photo of a nice car.

    Have You Ever Done Any Of Those Things? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

    Thanks For Reading! If You Like What You See, Comment What You Think!

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    Comments (18)

    • I’ve gotta be honest here.

      I’ve done all of these

        1 month ago
    • Guilty of all charges

        1 month ago
    • no because im not a massive virgin

        1 month ago
    • I've done a few of them.

        1 month ago
    • My friend says one thing about a car i give him a full in depth description of how it works and stuff. Math teacher asked if anyone knew what a manual car is for a math question... lets just say i talked more than in my essay

        1 month ago


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