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5 Things Motoring Related To Do Through Lockdown

Bored in lockdown? Here's 5 things that are sure to keep you busy

For My Few Loyal Fans

You guys mean the world to me and I did stop writing for a while. I want to get back into it. I have no excuse not to now. I originally stopped to continue my pursuit of being an F1 driver. But I'm in lockdown now so I have a schedule. Thanks for sticking with me guys <3


We are all in lockdown and there is no one reading this who isn't, please do me a favour and listen to the government, stay inside. You'll be out in no time. I think it's safe to assume that everyone is rather bored; So last night I came up with 5 things to keep you busy throughout lockdown! I hope you enjoy!

1. Write an article

So any spectators reading this who have never wrote an article here on DriveTribe give it a go. Any younger people reading this, look at me I'm just 14 and I'm having a blast. Write about whatever, make a video. This is a great thing to do to make time pass throughout lockdown. Give it a go. If you have any games like Forza, drive any car and write a review on it. When I started that's what I done. Embrace your knowledge about cars, maybe do a close look at a car, explain how a V8 or whatever works. You'll have a good time, trust me. If that's not your thing then I have 4 other activities for you to do!

2. Modify your car

Well, maybe not to sound like a Ferrari in a Ford but get some handy gadgets in the car, a 5 metre charger maybe, or a phone holder. If you really have the knowledge I've seen someone even make their own horn system so you have a aggressive horn, a happy horn and a hello horn!

Mark Robbers Custom Horn System

Mark Robbers Custom Horn System

I thought this was a fantastic idea. You could also get some nicer interior or maybe even do the exterior! Maybe pimp up the engine or get some better tyres. The great thing is that it is completely your thing to do. Have fun with it and if you're not quite that advanced enough to modify cars but want to have a, go to Number 4.

3. Go For A Drive

Go on you need it. We all love our Sunday drive so go out to where ever and take your car for a spin. It's something every petrol head enjoys and it is mentally refreshing. I urge you to do this. Enjoy the countryside or the cityscape. Whether you have a 4x4, a Fiat Panda or a Mustang; Just take it out for a spin. Reconnect with the car, just relax for a hour. Take some food, park up in your favorite spot. Take a break from reality!

4. Make a cardboard car

This is a challenge I saw and I thought it was just brilliant, people making accurate F1 cars, but don't worry about doing that. Try and make a model cardboard car. If you do please send me a photo because I'd love to see what you guys make! There are plenty of videos out there to watch about it. So get creative. Here are a couple I've seen, Good luck!

Binge Watch The Grand Tour

I don't think I have much to say here. If you haven't already then I highly recommend it! If you have, what is your favourite Season and Episode and hell; You're favourite moment! Please tell me in the comments below!

Entering Smug Face

Entering Smug Face


Well I hope you enjoyed that and I hope to see you give these a go. Have a great day and please give me feedback on how I can improve! Have a great day and I'll hopefully see you next time!

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