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5 Things other car people hate, but I don't mind

I think we ought to be more open-minded

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Some people hate marmite. I am one of those people that loves and craves it. Some people who own androids hate iPhones with a passion, and while I can understand that, I've owned both and I don't really want to take a side.

Everyone has their own preferences, yet when it comes to cars. A lot of popular opinion does centre around certain aspects in car culture. Yet when it comes to what a lot of people complain about, I don't mind the majority of it.

Here's a list of those things and why I'm okay with it.


Image credit: Mercedes-Benz via Newspress

Image credit: Mercedes-Benz via Newspress

Yes, the naturally-aspirated engines of the past have now been replaced by smaller, turbocharged beats. It's understandable to hate this trend as they mute the sound, create lag and possibly take away some character, depending on the car.

But as far as I see it, today's era of turbocharged engines isn't too dissimilar to what we had back in the 1980s. Everything is turbo crazy and some rather magnificent machines have been created in this weird period.

Examples include the ruthless 4.0 litre Biturbo V8 by Mercedes which isn't only very durable, but it also makes a dirty sound and boasts buckets of power and torque in whichever variant. It's not as shouty as the 6.2, but I think it'll go down as one of their best ever engines.

The decline of manual gearboxes

Image credit: Porsche via NetCarShow

Image credit: Porsche via NetCarShow

If less and less people want them in certain cars. Chances are, manufacturers aren't going to keep making them.

That's the classic reason as to why manual gearboxes seem to be rarer and rarer in today's motoring world. But really, I don't think it's worth worrying about. Alongside the fact that dual-clutches and automatics have reached their peak and are arguably more fun, there's another big reason why you shouldn't worry.

People keep waving their arms about saying that the death of the manual is inbound. This is simply not true, as European manufacturers like Opel, VW and Renault will never stop making them. There are non-car people in the world who literally cannot drive automatics (like my mother) - meaning the market for manuals will always exist, no matter the circumstances.

I think the death of the manual is mainly an American train of thought.


Image credit: Tesla Motors via NetCarShow

Image credit: Tesla Motors via NetCarShow

Electric cars have their own enormous advantages over conventional petrol or diesel cars, and it's fine if people want to go for that sort of thing. Even I'd consider a Tesla Model S as a daily driver, provided the electricity itself was from a renewable source.

The issue is: people keep making stupid comparisons. I came across one in particular in which the guy said he'd rather have an E46 M3 over a "silent, soulless" Tesla.

Yeah... the two are not comparable at all. Elon Musk didn't intend for the Model 3 to persuade people to sell their M3s, 911s or whatever purist sports car there is. It's meant to appeal to the normal person who just wants a nice, comfortable thing to commute to work every day. A bit like the humble 'Mondeo man' sort of customer.

My point is: electric cars have their uses. And the arguments that people keep spitting have always been rather pointless.

Big grilles

Image credit: BMW via NetCarShow

Image credit: BMW via NetCarShow

As controversial as this may seem, I don't actually mind large grilles on cars. It's not like they're a new thing because they were huge and ridiculous as early as the 1920s!

Even post-war, grilles were sometimes enormous. It depends on the personality of the car and even today, it's never been a thing I've been bothered about. I even like the BMW 4 Concept.

You see, BMW has always been a brand that tends to lead the industry. Chris Bangle's designs were heavily controversial, but hey, they've aged very well and look fresh to this day. Therefore the huge nostrils on the 4-Series look right in my opinion; they represent what BMW needs to do to represent a shift in car design.

They moved forward with the E9. They moved forward with the 8-Series in the 90s. They moved forward with the 6-Series in the 00s. This new 4-Series - provided it looks like this - will move the brand even further forward into the 2020s.

The new 1-Series

Image credit: BMW via NetCarShow

Image credit: BMW via NetCarShow

The types of people that bought the 1-Series don't care about cars. All they care about is the badge appeal and only crave for a practical, modern family hatchback with an Instagram-worthy brand name. In 2010, a survey revealed that 80% of 1-Series owners never knew their car was even rear-wheel-drive!

So, what was the point in compromising rear leg and boot space for driving pleasure, when the customer base simply doesn't care about that? It's therefore perfectly justifiable that BMW made the new 1-Series front-wheel-drive.

Besides, I've since felt a little bit sorry for the baby Beemer. I'm curious to try one out, as it shares the same chassis as the Mini Cooper. So, surely it must be a hoot on twisty roads?

Thanks for reading

Image credit: Porsche via NetCarShow

Image credit: Porsche via NetCarShow

So, there we are. Those are 5 aspects of car culture that a lot of people hate, but I don't personally mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have anything to say, please head to the comments!


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  • I guess all Aarons think alike... Except on the 1series.😂

      1 year ago
  • I specifically got an old 1 series for the rwd setup (I appreciate the commercial aspect of going fwd nonetheless) Next car will be a rwd M140i that’s just out of a lease in a couple of years. Hoping there won’t be a premium on the last rwd six cylinders.

      1 year ago
    • That's understandable, to be fair. But to be frankly honest, I can't see the M140s at a premium considering the 2 Series exists and all of the other RWD, six cylinder Beemers. I reckon it'll hold value rather than gain it. Could be wrong...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • Great article nonetheless

      1 year ago
  • I’m going to have to arrest you on suspicion of treason.

      1 year ago
    • Lol, why?

        1 year ago
    • Electrification, big grilles and the death of the manual are fine? This is high treason to the motoring world

        1 year ago
  • I agree with you on most of those things except the big grille part. If car fascias are akin to a face, then it's like someone walking around whose had their lips cut off like in a horror movie and just the front teeth showing. It's not a pretty sight.... Weird analogy, I know, but i'll stick with it lol

      1 year ago