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5​ things you can do to make traffic jams less boring

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T​raffic Jams. Whether you are a driver or not, it's safe to say that we have all been stuck in traffic jams at some point in our life. If you get stuck in this string of stationary cars on a daily basis then I feel extremely sorry for you.

T​raffic jams are incredibly boring. You want to get to your location (sometimes there is added time pressure) and you are just not in the mood to be at a complete standstill on the motorway. Thankfully, I have some tips on how to make a traffic jam much more interesting...

Remember: These suggestions must not act as a distraction for you. You must always maintain concentration when driving on the road.

I​mage: Dan Gold via Unsplash.

#​1 - Music

M​usic is a great way of curing the symptoms of boredom during a traffic jam. My suggestion for this is you make a playlist of songs you want to listen to during traffic jams so that you are prepared for the worst.

A​nother great thing to take advantage of is new music. There are so many genres of music out there that you may never have listened to before. Use the time you are spent stationary to listen to a new genre or artist, you may end up discovering a new favourite of yours!

T​he radio is another way of surviving traffic jams. Some find the radio dull, but if you enjoy the interaction the radio offers by playing along in the car; you may find yourself moving in no time!

A​s you can see, Apple promotes new artists or popular artists for you to try every day! Spotify, Amazon and YouTube Music are also great alternatives.

#​2 - Podcasts

I​ always wanted to get into podcasts, but found I would turn them off after a few minutes to listen to my music instead. Recently, however, I started listening to 'On the Marbles', an F1 podcast made by Channel 4, and I have not turned back since. Infact, I wish they would produce them more often than every one or two weeks - that is how much I enjoy them!

I​f F1 isn't really your thing, then there are plenty of podcasts out there for you. For instance, the DriveTribe podcast is one setup by the staff of this very website! Apple Podcasts and Spotify are examples of platforms that have thousands of different types of podcasts for you to listen to. Whether you are into football, politics, or even anime; you can find nearly any topic you want.

A​pple Podcasts is one of may great services fo find new content to watch!

#​3 - Just chat!

T​his requires two or more people to be in the car at once, but chatting is another great way to get through traffic jams. If you are one for debating, than have a debate with everyone! You will soon completely lose track of the time that you spent in the traffic jam as you go backwards and forwards discussing a controversial topic.

I​f you don't want to debate, then just chatting is absolutely fine. Find things to discuss, such as places you want to go to in the future, what is on your bucket list etc. Once again, just chatting will make the time fly by as you are away from the silence and won't be constantly checking the time.

C​hatting is a great way to kill time! Image: Joline Torres via Unsplash.

#​4 - Car games

W​hen I was younger, I absolutely loved playing games in the car. If you are stuck with extremely bored young children in the car, then maybe 'I spy with my little eye' is something you can completely distract them with.

N​owadays, children tend to just use phones and tablets in the back seat to keep them occupied; but finding games to play with adults may make them feel more involved and spend more time away from their screens. Whether it is counting colours of cars or searching for new registration plates, there is always a competitive aspect that will distract your children from the annoying question 'are we there yet?'

I​ played lots of car games when I was younger. Image: Nabeel Syed via Unsplash.

#​5 - Make yourself comfortable

T​here is nothing worse than being sat in an uncomfortable position when sitting in a car. Drivers and passengers can get out of the car after a long journey with back pains if their seats aren't in a position that is good for you. While this doesn't make the journey less boring; it makes the experience far more pleasant. Here is what you can do to make yourself more comfortable:

P​ut the seats back: Reclining your seat ever so slightly can help make traffic jams slightly more comfortable. Drivers should not move their seat far back enough to a point where their vision of the road ahead is affected.

S​lippers: As a British person; I love slippers. Whenever I am a passenger in a long car journey, I always take my slippers with me in order to make my feet more comfortable. Instead of wearing shoes that are tight around your foot, soft slippers can make a huge difference. If there is one thing I could suggest, this would be it! This method should not be done by drivers.

M​ake sure the car isn't too hot or cold too! Image: Courtney Corlew via Unsplash.

S​leeping: Another passenger only suggestion (obviously). Sleeping has always been difficult for me in cars. However, you can buy travel pillows from shops in order to sleep more comfortably in the car. Sleeping is a great way to catch up on what you may have missed from an early start and can give you plenty of energy for when you arrive at your destination. This benefits the driver too, as they can pick any podcast or music artist they want!

F​inal thoughts

T​hose were my 5 ideas for reducing boredom during a traffic jam. Let me know what methods you do in order to keep yourself occupied in the comments below. I am heading to a university open day at the weekend, and will definitely be using these methods if we encounter traffic.

T​hanks for reading! If you would like to see more from me, click here to see my profile, or here to go to my Twitter page. Why not try my recent quiz - 'Can you identify these car silhouettes?' by clicking here?

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