5​ things you didn’t know about the Ram TRX

H​ere are 5 cool things I bet you didn’t know about the Ram TRX

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T​he Ram TRX is such a cool truck. With a V8 that cranks out over 700 horsepower there sure have to be some features that come with it. Read on if you want to learn 5 things you didn’t know about the Ram TRX.

1​. Dinosaur engine cover

T​he Ford Raptor is a main competitor to the Ram TRX and Ram doesn’t like it. On the engine cover there is an image of a T-Rex eating a raptor. This just shows how in real life a T-Rex actually would destroy a raptor and how the Ram TRX actually does destroy the Ford Raptor.

2​. Dashboard

M​ost normal cars just dashboards just show a boring car driving on the road being just so fancy. Not this one. When switching drive options it actually shows a cool display of the traction mode it is set for. For example it shows the TRX speeding through some sand because it is in that drive mode.

3​. Back seat cargo divider

T​his one might not be the coolest on the list but is still nice. Let‘s say you have some cargo and want to place it on the floor, but don’t want it to hit your other cargo. Well Ram has thought of that. You can put up a small divider that separates the front seats cargo room from the storage near the rear seats.

4​. Center consule math stuff

W​ell this one sure can come in handy! Most of us don’t know our math conversions by heart so Ram has helped us out. Right in the center console there are a bunch of measurements and charts just to help you on the job site.

R​am TRX “widebody”

T​his truck is massive therefore requiring huge tires. The tires are so big on this truck they needed to extent the side of the TRX by 4 inches on each side just to fit them! This really shows how large this truck is and what it is capable of.

T​his really is an epic truck and there are some amazing features that you just wouldn’t see on another vehicle. Thank you for reading and comment down below which feature you think is coolest.

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  • Wow. That dino engine cover is pretty cool. I think it’s smart.

      14 days ago