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5 things you need to know when advertising your car for sale

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Over the past two weeks we've searched through the Japanese Internet, for a total of 14 mint condition JDM classics (click here for the expensive ones, and here for the cheap but still mint ones). One thing we've seen time and time again is that the Japanese really know how to make their cars look nice on the advertisements.

So to learn from them, here are 5 tips for you when it's time to advertise your pride-and-joy up for sale.

1. Take good photos for crying out loud

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A good photo sells your car. People would be tempted just to get on the phone and chat with you about the ride. And it's easy, but not everybody does that for some reasons.

In order to take a good static shot of your car, just turn your car to full-lock, left and right and stand right in front of the car, kneel down on the ground and grab your phone. That's it. And after that, repeat the same process with the back of the car.

For the interior of the car, just take detailed pictures of everywhere, the seats, the steering wheel, the gear knob even, just to give the potential buyers a good first impression.

Also take some pictures of the service history you've had over the years, albeit a little nut and bold, just take a picture of the invoice to let the potential buyer know your love of the car.

2. Be descriptive, be honest, be humourous

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Be descriptive, you'd be surprised how many people would like to butcher this part by just writing “it's a good car” in the description part. Just go over all the equipment the car has. If you aren't really sure, just go surf the net and look up the press release of your car, and tone it down somehow. It'll help you a lot.

Be honest, if it's got rust spots here and there, just put it on there; if it's got a dent in the bumper, just write it down; if the car has had an accident over the years, type it. You may think that these are downsides of the car, but let the seller know whatever happened in the past, and if it's been well taken cared for. A good story sells a car too.

Be humorous, there was once a story where somebody tried to sell an old diesel Mercedes, and he put down such a humorous description that he'd sold the car three to four times the market price for such a banger. It's incredible how humour works. Don't bore them with stats and figure, try and put out the facts in a slightly funny way, and it's definitely going to help you sell the car.

3. Do not overprice your car

Credit: https://www.readersdigest.ca/cars/buying-guide/get-best-used-car-deal/

If you're selling your car, chances are many others are selling the exact model with similar mileage and condition as you are. Just go online and search for what your car goes for and base your selling price off of what you see.

Of course, people might haggle you a bit, and you have to bear that in mind the haggling culture in your country is very popular. Hence why you should leave a maximum of 10% for negotiation. But keep within the 'acceptable' range, don't overprice massively or else nobody would bother to ring you.

4. Think of your target customers

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You have to bear in mind that every car appeals to different people. A Skoda Yeti might appeal to family of five, while a BMW M3 might only appeal to purists who like a bit of hooning here and there.

Think about who you're selling the car to, who's willing to pay for your car, and use that as a factor of what you write, where you advertise, how you set the price.

If you are in a rural part of a country and you expect the prices to be the same as in the cities, you're wrong. People have to travel to even see an unknown car with unknown condition and unknown everything, plus the travel costs, it has to bring down the price of the car surely.

5. Advertise everywhere, absolutely everywhere

Credit: https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/newsroom/unforgettable-car-ads

When you're selling a car, you'd want all the people in the world to see your ad, so be sure to put your ad on everywhere, not only the usual car sites such as AutoTrader, put it on eBay or even here on DriveTribe!

If you can, you should pay for full-coloured ads if you've got a showroom condition car and you'd want to get maximum price out of it. Of course it's a bit extreme, but often tactics like that will get you the maximum profit.

There you have it, these tips might sound simple but it's actually surprising to see how many people don't know these rule of thumb.

Do you have any other tips? Put them down there!

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