5 Times Richard Hammond Was An Absolute Beast

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Hamster might be the smallest of our beloved trio, but that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to his seemingly endless grit and determination. Here is a nice collection of moments that tested his strength and endurance.

Cross London Race on a Bicycle

Here's to the only cyclist we all love! You have to hand it to him for ruthlessly peddling through those hectic London streets, twisting through buses and narrow lanes. He raced 17 miles across London and was the first to arrive at the London City Airport!

Mozambique Motorbike Mud Rally

In an outstanding effort to save the world, our crew traveled roughly 200 miles across Mozambique with fish in tow to a small, remote village. Richard made the trek on a TVS Star motorbike, complete with his own fish drying rack. He pulled that £800 supermarket bargain across slippery sand and through thick, sticky mud, while falling off it multiple times. Yanking it from the mud is surely impressive in itself. Even after a frightening fall where he hit his head, he jumped back in the saddle and rode off into the African sunset.

Check out his post regarding the injury here :

Stranded In The Canadian Rockies

It's no secret that Hammond loves camping, but even his country boy skills were tested to the limits when he was left in the Canadian mountains. It's hard to describe the extreme freeze of a Canadian winter unless you've experienced it for yourself. It is mind-numbing cold. Perhaps Richard's sanity went a bit wacky (see the above clip) but he withstood the unforgiving conditions. This film was none other than Hammond and a few camera crew out in the middle of nowhere, in Canada, in the dead of winter.

Polar Special: Dog Sledding

In another cold weather challenge, the trio traveled long and far across the arctic on their way to the North Pole. While Jeremy and James made their way in a souped-up Toyota pickup truck, Hammond traveled with a dog sledding team. He endured the journey on a sled, skis, and sometimes on foot. He didn't make it all the way to the pole, but nonetheless he conquered the same brutal terrain as the indestructible Toyota pickup.

The Crashes

I couldn't find a clip on YouTube from The Grand Tour episode of his second crash, but it goes without saying. He survived two serious crashes in his television career, only to come back stronger. The mental and physical strain of healing from an experience like that takes true grit. We can all applaud his determination with these incidents.

Hammond lives up to his nickname in the way a hamster runs about on their little spinning wheel endlessly to their heart's content. They rarely seem to tire out, powering forward through life. We give it to our Hamster for his #beastmode moments; here's to you!

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  • He's always a beast

    29 days ago
  • I think you forgot how much of a beast he was when he broke that expensive bike in St Petersburg and had to “borrow” another one. I do wonder what happened to that bike.

    4 months ago
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