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5 top tips for staying awake while driving

27w ago


Earlier last week a poll here on DriveTribe was held to find out why people fall asleep while driving. And the results of the survey are actually quite interesting.


34.6 %: Long days at work

21.9 %: Having sleepless nights

15.8 %: Driving late at night

13.5 %:Trying to cover too much distance in a single day

7.4%: Other

6.9 %: Taking no breaks during a long journey

Top tips on how to avoid this

If you want to avoid encountering these issues here are a few helpful tips on how to prevent yourself from falling asleep at the wheel while driving. These tips were gained from the Sleepfoundation, Traveltalesoflife and Shape.

1: Take short breaks when traveling

This mistake is often made while traveling. The maximum that you should drive is eight hours in one go. When on a long road trip take at least 10 to 20 minute breaks every two or three hours of driving. Don't try to cover too much distance in one day. If you start feeling sleepy pull over somewhere and take a short break until you feel right to drive again.

Image source: greenguard.com

2: Don't drive late at night – and if you do here is how to stay awake

I experienced this one myself and the best thing to do if you end up driving late at night is don't eat or drink anything with sugar. Try and eat something healthy like a apple or pear before you leave. If all those fail the best thing to do is have some caffeine.

Image source: aoistoday.ie

3: Don't drink too much the night before

When I say drink, I mean when you have a party with your friends and have one too many. If that does happen I wouldn't suggest driving for a few days afterwards. One main reason is that the effects can still be around for a while and could cause you to make the wrong decisions when driving.

Image Source: noticortos.news

4: Get a good night sleep before hitting the road

If you are going to take a long journey the next day the best thing to do is go to bed early. This will help you stay alert while driving the next day. The minimum amount sleep that is suggested eight to nine hours before a long journey.

Image source: Healthline

5: Have two drivers in the car

When I say two drivers I mean have some else in the car who can drive. This can be useful when you are tired because the other driver can drive the car while you take a break. You each can take turns at the wheel with this method.

Image source: auto.mthai.com

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