5 Tracks That Should Hold The NASCAR All-Star Race

With the NASCAR all-star race looking like it is going to many other tracks I thought of 5 tracks that they should host the all-star race.

4d ago

5 Kansas Speedway

Kansas Speedway has always been a good track. It is probably one of the best 1 1/1 ovals. It always has great restarts and 2 3 wide passing. I think If they bring the right the right package then it should bring one great race.

4 Bristol Dirt

We saw them race on dirt later this year and it was a pretty good race. We saw a lot of old bristol with drivers using the bottom lane more often. It would be a great track to use because I personally think it is a little too chaotic for a points race. Which is also why I put it in a lower rank is because there are lots of crashes and yellow flags that will must likely happen

3 Richmond

Richmond Is an awesome short track. It has drivers fighting for the bottom but also able to sometimes sneak around on the top. It hasn't had the greatest racing compared to how it was 10 15 years ago but it is still a good track that has some crazy moments.

2 Homestead

Homestead is probably the best 1 1/2 race track on the Nascar schedule. It has had great racing for as long as I can remember. Since it no longer holds the championship race it needs something that drivers and fans look forward to in the season, and the all-star race fits in there perfectly. It has Great passing with drivers using the top and bottom. It also has great restarts. It's everything the all-star race should be.

1 Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville Is in my opinion the place that the all-star race needs to be at. Under the lights bumping and banging, $1,000,000 on the line. It should be able to put on a show! It has always had good racing and there will for sure be some spinning out cars and some major temper flares.

let me know in the comment you 5 tracks the all-star race should go to and any on my list that should be added or removed. I hope you enjoyed the article!

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Comments (7)

  • the legends oval at charlotte or bowman gray

      4 days ago
  • Martinsville would be great

      4 days ago
  • Where should NASCAR have its All-Star Race, @tribe?

      4 days ago
    • Seeing as Texas Motor Speedway is 30 minutes away from me I’m quite excited that it’s being held here. However short tracks are preferable, if the rumors are true and North Wilksboro is getting closer to being renovated that would be amazing...

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        4 days ago
  • I would love to see the All-Star Race at Martinsville or Richmond. A short track is awesome for a non-points race, and it fits the direction NASCAR wants to go. Bristol Dirt would be better as a non-points race too, I think. And those all fit the Charlotte bill as being close to the teams. Homestead and Kansas wouldn’t be bad choices for NASCAR though.

      4 days ago