- T​he Gorgeous Venom F5. Image: Hennesseyperformance.com.

5 Upcoming Cars That Will Cure Richard Hammond's Midlife Crisis

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In some recent videos in collaboration between Ford and DriveTribe; Richard Hammond said that he is coming up to 50 years old and that he is having a midlife crisis. The Ford pickup that ruined his reputation as a businessman and also resulted in his daughter pouring a drink all over her following Richard's intelligent decision to take a 'shortcut'. While driving a pickup truck that is taller than you is guaranteed to be fun, maybe that isn't enough. So let's take a look at some upcoming cars that will cure Hammond's midlife crisis:

#1 - The 2020 Porsche Taycan

I​mage: Porsche Newsroom.

It's no lie that Richard Hammond loves Porsche's. During The Grand Tour and Top Gear days, Richard would always talk about the new Porsche 911, and the same thing would always happen - Jeremy would make fun of him.

T​he Porsche Taycan is Porsche's first fully electric car and is scheduled to release next year. Richard Hammond does have a history with electric cars (rest in peace Rimac Concept One), but I'm sure this is something he will love.

T​he Taycan is really exciting the car community; and with the configurator now live - we are ready to see this Rimac challenger hit the road with its 3.2 second acceleration time that is produced by the 460kW power unit. I'll be waiting eagerly for the DriveTribe video of Hammond taking this car to the track.

#​2 - The Unnamed McLaren

I​mage: McLaren Newsroom.

M​cLaren recently revealed that they would be announcing a new roadster supercar that will be limited to 399 units, and priced between the McLaren Speedtail and the McLaren Senna. I would love to say I knew more about this car, but at the moment information is pretty limited.

B​ut what else is there to say? The car looks amazing from what we have seen so far, and it may be the perfect cure for Hammond's midlife crisis. But with 399 being made, he might have to push his way in line a bit…

#​3 - The Koeniggsegg Jesko

I​mage: Koeniggsegg Press Site.

O​kay, so this is the third fast car on this list - but who cares? At 50 years old, you deserve to drive a car as fast as you can around a race track. But this car isn't just a 'fast car' - its a car that is predicted to be lightning quick. That's right, the Koeniggsegg Jesko is predicted to hit the 300mph barrier, and be one of the first cars to ever do it following the Bugatti Chiron's recent success at hitting it.

T​his is another car that will have to wait though, since production is set to start in 2020. However, unlike the McLaren; the Koeniggsegg Jesko has got its specifications confirmed - the car will feature a mega 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, that puts out a whopping 1,280 horsepower.

B​ut something just as impressive is the look of this thing - just look at it! This beauty could make a 50 year old bloke cry when comparing to his car... I think Richard would love this thing.

#​4 - The Aston Martin Valhalla

I​mage: Aston Martin Press release.

A​ston Martin recently announced that the 'son of the Valkyrie' is called the Valhalla, being the third edition of Aston Martin's mid-engined hypercars. The production of this incredible machine was a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, with Adrian Newey being a major influence in the design.

T​his high-downforce hypercar will be road legal, but Aston Martin claim that the units will be 'strictly limited'. We don't know very much in terms of specs for this car, but if we can take anything from the Valkyrie, this car is going to be a monster around the track, and on the road. Remember, the Valkyrie was the third fastest car on the leaderboard of The Grand Tour.

#​5 - The Hennessey Venom F5

I​mage: HennesseyPerformance.com.

I​ mentioned the Koeniggsegg Jesko earlier on in this post, there was no way I could finish it without talking about one of its main competitors - the Hennessey Venom F5. The battle between Koeniggsegg, Hennessey and Bugatti is heating up; with Hennessey stating that the Venom F5 can go 301mph. With a roadster version being considered by the American company, I think the F5 would be a great way to cure Hammond's midlife crisis. Why? Because it's fast (much like the other cars on this list).

U​nlike the Valhalla, I can actually provide some information about the Hennessey Venom F5. Hennessey state that the car can reach 186mph (299kph) in under 10 seconds, as well as up to 250mph (402kph) in under 30 seconds due to its 1600bhp Twin Turbo V8 engine. What do you think of the Venom F5? Let me know in the comments.

T​hank you for reading! These were the upcoming cars I believe would be able to cure Richard Hammond's midlife crisis. Sure, they aren't the same as a massive pickup truck; but there is no doubt about it - these will be fun to drive. Let me know what else Hammond should drive in the comments below!

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