5 ways Alexa can make driving more fun

Alexa… take the wheel (no, don't do that)

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Despite our communal love of all things to do with motoring, there's no doubt that there are obstacles that often stand in the way between you and an enjoyable drive. Whether it's forgetting to charge your EV before a big drive or simply not knowing where you can get a burger… life on the road isn't always smooth. With that in mind, we've teamed up with Amazon to find 5 ways Alexa can take some of the pain out of driving.

Charging your car

If you've ever owned an electric car you'll know that you don't necessarily want it charging all hours of the day at home. After all, electricity is often cheaper at night, so you might not want to plug your vehicle in until late in the evening… by which point you might be most of the way through two bottles of red and halfway through a real-life crime documentary on Amazon Prime Video. Then you'll forget entirely to plug the car in, leaving you without enough charge to go on that adventure in the morning.

What if you could plug your car in as soon as you return home, but only start charging when you want it to? Luckily Alexa can do just that for you – set up your EV to charge on demand, then you can simply yell 'Alexa, charge my car' over the sound of chainsaws being revved up on TV. That way you don't have to wander outside in your evening loungewear, and you still get to go for a drive the next day.

Get a heads up on snarl ups

There's no better way to turn a fun drive into a nightmare than getting stuck in a two-hour tailback when you're only halfway to your destination. A simple utterance of "Alexa, what's the traffic like?" can give you a heads-up on any upcoming problems, giving you time to route around them. Preferably to the nearest burger restaurant. Speaking of which…

Never go hungry

Picture the scene. You're midway through an epic day on the road, and you've been so distracted by the scenery, the soundtrack (more on that in a second) and the company that you've forgotten to eat.

No, it's never happened to us either, but bear with us. You've gone from happy to hangry in 4.3 seconds and you don't have time to get your passengers to search for diners on their phones. ALEXA WHERE CAN I GET A BURGER. That's all you need to say. Marvel as you're given nearby options for fried cow lumps. Life is suddenly a whole lot better. Thanks, Alexa.


No more of this…

No more of this…

We've driven some pretty epic cars in our time at DriveTribe, but as fun as it is hooning a Bugatti Chiron through the French countryside, there's a lot to be said for driving normal cars quickly on twisty roads so long as you have a suitably epic soundtrack. This is where Alexa's music skills can come into play. Ask for a specific artist or just a genre and you'll have head-banging, corner-carving tunes piped into the cabin within seconds. Alexa, play me some death metal… and check my insurance policy.

Alexa, turn on the garage lights and cook my dinner

Alexa, set my garage lighting to 'moody'

Alexa, set my garage lighting to 'moody'

If you've not explored the world of smart home gear then you're really missing out. What started as a fancy way to turn your lightbulbs on and off using the power of your voice has turned into a huge industry that can genuinely make life around the house easier. Being able to speak to your car as you head up the driveway and then have your garage illuminated as if by magic never, ever gets old. Real smart-home professionals will have a TV dinner waiting in the Alexa-enabled microwave, which you can then turn on when you're five minutes out from the house. The future really is here.

Get Alexa in your car

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