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5 Ways to get Involved as a young petrolhead

Are you a young enthusiast without a license but still want to get involved on the car comunity? Here`s a few simple ways to get involved.

As all petrolheads know being a car enthusiast means one thing, having a car is one big part of being a car enthusiast, what you build, what you do with it, However there`s that small group of petrolheads that are still young to drive a car or still they haven`t got a car or can`t afford maintaining a car.

Is it a sad truth? yes it is however there are many ways a young beginner petrolhead can begin introducing her/himself on the automotive world and getting involved on it until the day he/she can join all the other cars on a massive cruise down it`s city on their very own car, and surprisingly not many of them are expensive.

1-Go-karts, a basic feel of driving.

(All images belong to their respective owners)

(All images belong to their respective owners)

Welding a frame together, putting four small wheels and a weedwhacker engine along a seat and steering wheel? well this idea born back in 1956 by Bored people surely became a hit on america back then, Karting has been the craddle of famous motorsport pilots from all around the world.

Well I understand not everyone has the opportunity to drive one of those since the places where you can are actually pretty limited and expensive, but if you can afford 50€ for 10 laps karts are a pretty good first feel of driving a low powered rear wheel drive car you get a steering wheel with pedals, manual or automatic depending on the kart or even a electric model, maybe you can`t drive it on your backyard since building a racetrack on a apartment building is forbidden (Unless it`s a scalextric racetrack)

However driving a Gokart is a good feel of speed that can blow a beginning petrolhead`s mind away, feeling the air and bumps as you enter like a bullet in corners and shaking the Kart`s rear out of them and blast full trotthle on the straights is one of the best feeling they can get, and to top it all Driving a Gokart doesn`t require a driving license (because of their relatively small displacement) but this kind of vehicle still requires to be driven on private property or properly built racetracks, however there`s always the posibility of going to a deserted parking or backroad and have a few laps with some cones.

2-Gaming, Thrills of speed without going outside.

(all images belong to their respective owners)

(all images belong to their respective owners)

Maybe karting has been the craddle of famous race drivers, but today Gaming is also their battlegrounds when they can`t travel specifically to one single racetrack in order to practice for their next race, Gaming is one complicated world full of posibilities, fro games that are all about the shooting like Call of Duty, Visual novels like Beyond Two souls or illegal speed thrills like the Need For Speed saga, gaming has room for all of them, since gaming is a large industry it`s posibilities are too.

You can experience NASCAR, F1 or rally... in the commodity of your home, there are two types of racing games you can choose, from arcades like Forza, Need For Speed or The Crew 2 for the basic gamer that wants a fun arcade game to play on it`s free time. or simulators like Asseto Corsa, Gran Turismo or Rfactor for gamers that like to experience a simulation of the real deal just to name a few.

However if You are really into racing and want to get a basic feel on sensing how a real car handles I would go with a race Simulator and set up a steering wheel with pedals and wheels, gaming steering wheels like a ThrustmasterT150 or LogitechG29 are pretty good basic wheels for beginner sim gamers, but if you want the expensive stuff you can always ask the guys of Fannatec, known for their good gaming rigs that can submerge you in the game.

3-Car videos or movies, a simple basic first introduction.

(All images belong to theri respective owners)

(All images belong to theri respective owners)

Watching car content on video websites like Youtube is also another simple way for a beginning petrolhead to get a simple base of car knowledge, from watching music videos of Gumball 3000 cars furiously blasting trough monaco`s tunnel to unfinished project car vloggers like Rob Dahm, if you`re the gamer time you can follow Youtube channels like Effspot, AR12 gaming or IsuckAtDriving (pretty damm good gaming driver) the posibilities and choices for the content you want are pretty big when it comes to youtube.

You can also watch movies like Fast and Furious, Born to race if you feel like seeing adrenaline filled scenes with cars howling at the limit and making unrealistic stunts or just get some Netflix and chill watching Car comedy shows like The grand tour if you want to learn a bit and at the same time Laugh like a kid enjoying yourself.

However if you`re the serious type you can also browse car forums on the internet, Make an account and watch ongoing builds of other members, ask your doubts or questions you have about the first car you plan on buying, they`re a pretty good base of knowledge you will appreciate having, there`s also Sites like DriveTribe that mix the best of Motoring Journalism and at the same time fit a social media-like style into the mix to create a balanced comunity.

4-Car shows, A celebration of a Petrolhead`s passion.

(All images belong to their respective owners)

(All images belong to their respective owners)

Car shows are another way for a beginning petrolhead to get involved on the car community and a great source of knowledge for when your big moment arrives and you end up joining the car show as a car owner rather than being a visitor.

(But first ask a friend or familiar with a car to take you there, use your legs or public transport if it is close enough tho)

once you arrive there you will be practically at home among other petrolheads, both beginners and veteran petrolheads, don`t be afraid to talk to car owners about their cars since most people will be more than happy to talk to you about their car, you can use that in order to retain knowledge (However it is advisable to don`t go in there in a Know-it-all attitude since there`s likely things you may don`t know about cars even if your knowledge rivals of an automotive engineer and of course don`t complain about other`s builds, it` their car and their elections, work they have worked hard for. )

Watching things like car burnouts or random skids at the exits is one of the most big things to witness, rev bombs... just about enough to get you hooked forever on this.

5-Get your basic Knowledge playground (Get a old Junkyard car)

(All images belong to their respective owners)

(All images belong to their respective owners)

If you happen to own a big area of terrain, like a old farm with a small barn for horses that no longer live or a small garage you use for your band practices congratultions! you have space for a small playground in which you can understand how a car works.

maybe you won`t be able to drive your junkyard learning car (unless you are on your private property and it works of course) but having a simple junk car helps a lot when it comes to understanding how a car works and learning to do basic stuff on cars.

things like identifying bodywork parts, opening the hood and looking at the engine bay and finding where`s is the air intake, making a oil level measurement or disassembling and reassembling components, finding out more about how your car really is on the internet... basic knowledge for you to absorb when it comes to own your very own first car as soon you have your license and make matters cheaper when it comes to doing the maintainance yourself, It is also a pretty good way to learn how to tune a car as adding a cold air intake, Installing a simple set of Coilovers or anti-sway bars will help you understand how much a different part can change a car`s behavior, being a petrolhead is not taking your car to the mechanic every time it breaks down, but mostly look at all the parts and understand how they work together at least.


What other ways you know to get a beginning petrolhead to get involved on the car community? How did you got first involved on the car community? Please eave a comment below and remember to hit that bump button if you enjoyed this post, soon more blogposts to come!


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