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5 weirdest things to run your car on

40w ago


The argument on what cars will run on in the future is still unsure. Often it is claimed to be electric cars or hydrogen fueled cars. It is time to see the strange, the odd and the downright impossible things to run your car on.

5: Fart Car

I know this was only a Ad but when I saw this for some reason I burst out laughing thinking that a car could be powered by farts. What could be more "green" way to run it than with your own farts? Well your car might smell a bit afterwards and I won't recommend buying a second hand one either.

4: Coffee-powered car

Image source: thenorthernecho.co.uk

It seems we aren't the only ones that can be powered by coffee. This car actually broke the world speed record for the longest journey by a coffee-powered car. Could the future be coffee-powered?

3: Chicken Poop-powered car

Image source: Ecofriend

This was actually created by in 1971 by a British chicken farmer called Harold Bate does which make me wonder why are we still using oil! There are actually a few other cars that even run on human manure and even pig. Who needs electric and hydrogen? Give me my shit powered car.

2: Chocolate-powered car

Image source: ScienceDaily

Often chocolate can be quite tasty and be eaten for a snack. Well this Formula 3 racing car is powered by chocolate, made out of potatoes and steered by carrots. Don't think because you can eat it doesn't go fast with a 125 mph top speed.

1: Wood-powered car

Image source: Low-tech Magazine

This does seem odd but back in the second world war when oil was in very short supply many people converted their cars from petrol to wood. It may be quite an inconvenience to the trees though.