5 Winners and Losers From Hockenheim

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1) Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen entering the list at number one will come as no surprise to anyone given how he won the race in a manner that was so emphatic. Despite not having an entirely clean race with a spin after changing to slicks for the first time, it was the pure dominance he managed to show when the track was drying up but it was still wet enough for the intermediate tire to be the most suitable. He was the only one of the front running cars not to have a race affecting incident and was able as we've seen so many times form the 21-year-old to defeat the tricky conditions. This result also establishes him in third in the championship only 22 points behind Valteri Bottas.

2) Sebastian Vettel

The German Grand Prix was certainly a roller coaster for Ferrari and Vettel in particular as they the Scuderia had dominated practice and was looking certain to be taking at least a front-row start. However, it was not to be as both of the Ferrari's had mechanical issues leaving Vettel right at the back in 20th place. On Sunday Vettel managed to charge through the field and after some close battles with the likes of Gasly, and despite being one of the first to change to slicks was unharmed by the unpredictable conditions. The German managed to fight his way up to an impressive second passing Stroll and Kvyat on his way to the podium in the closing laps. After Saturday it seemed like it would be damage limitation for Ferrari but thanks to Vettel there is still hope in the Italians yet.

3) Toro Rosso

Coming into Germany nobody realistically expected much from Toro Rosso as they have been almost lost in the ever gripping midfield battles, however some good performances along with a struggling Gasly in the Red Bull there was plenty of incentive to fight for every position. Both drivers had little to regret as Alex Albon came home in a strong P6 which could have actually been more, and Daniil Kvyat came home an outstanding P3 giving the team their second podium ever and first since Vettel at Monza in 2008. Toro Rosso has now jumped Alfa Romeo and Renault to be 5th in the constructors whilst Kvyat has jumped to 8th and has achieved more podium finishes this season in a Toro Rosso than Pierre Gasly has in a Red Bull.

4) Carlos Sainz

It was by no means the smoothest weekend for Mclaren however it is evident that they are a team heading in the right direction given that despite struggling over the weekend they sill manage to pick up a strong haul of points through Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard did a fantastic job to get back up to 5th place despite being one of the first drivers to spin off at the 'Ice Rink' that was the final corner runoff. Having lost Lando Norris early in the race due to technical issues Mclaren could put all of their focus into helping Carlos recover and he did managing to pick up some strong points strengthening the gap between them and Renault in the constructors and cementing Sainz as best of the rest in the Drivers standings.

5) Williams

Now Williams by no means had a good weekend but given the context scoring a point albeit due to the unfortunate penalties handed out to Alfa Romeo (at time of writing Alfa have contested.) After the penalties Robert Kubica finished in 10th which meant that he scored his first Formula 1 points since Abu Dhabi 2010, it was also the first point of the season for Williams who had turned up to Germany with their first set of upgrades for the season which from practice and qualifying didn't seen to help a great deal but the fact that they were able to finish and didn't have any issues is a positive for the team.


1) Valtteri Bottas

Given that earlier in the week Toto Wolf had spoken about Bottas' future being decided on the next couple of races you would have thought maybe we would be seeing the Bottas from Australia or Baku, however, that was far from the case as he was nowhere near the pace all weekend. In qualifying, he was overshadowed by an unwell Hamilton who destroyed him and was never really there in the race having to defend from Verstappen at the start and guilty of trying too hard when chasing stroll which inevitably led him to make a mistake and throwing away what should have been a comfortable second place. This weekend leaves his future in even more confusion as he needs a strong result in Hungary to keep alive his hopes of staying at Mercedes.

2) Daniel Ricciardo

Poor old Daniel it seems like he's never going to catch a break this season, having admitted himself it was his fault that he had a poor qualifying, there was certainly nothing he could do about his race as once again his Renault engine failed him. With Hulkenberg not finishing as well the gap between Renault and main rivals Mclaren has only grown and they have subsequently dropped to 6th in the constructors which is simply not good enough for a team who wants to be at the sharp end of the grid. Ricciardo was the second car out and it wasn't due to his mistake which must be frustrating as who knows what he could have achieved in such an unpredictable race. Hopefully, his fortunes will change in the second half of the season.

3) Lewis Hamilton

When you have a championship lead as big as Hamilton has this season you can afford the occasional bad race, however being the driver he is Lewis will not take it well especially as he was comfortably leading the first part of the race until Mercedes chose to put him onto the slicks where he fell victim to the treacherous final turn runoff. After that he didn't seem like his heart was in it to fight back through the field topped off by a spin at turn one similar to the the accident that saw Bottas retire from however when you have the skill (or luck) of a 5 time world champion he was able to keep the Mercedes out of the barriers and ultimately receive 2 championship points finishing 9th. I don't think Lewis fans need to start panicking yet as he still holds a 41 point lead over his team-mate. On a whole what a race for Netflix to be filming in the Mercedes Garage.

4) Haas

It's been a turbulent season so far for the American team as they have been far off the pace they had hoped for at the start of the season and then losing their title sponsor in what can only be described as one of the most bizarre social media feuds of all time, and then their drivers can't stop hitting each other. After Silverstone where they took each other out on the first lap, you would have thought that would be it and the terrifying idea of being slammed by Gunter Stainer again would be enough to deter them from ever crossing paths with each other again. You would be wrong as the two cars were scrapping for 11th and 12th they once again made contact with each driver blaming the other. Ultimately they finished in P7 and P8 (because of the Alfa penalty) which is a strong amount of points for the team. But it is only a matter of time before something gives and one of the two drivers is kicked out.

5) Sergio Perez

Checo hasn't had the best run of late with the performance in the car not being there for the majority of the season, but things were looking on the up for Germany as Racing Point were able to bring their first big upgrade of the season. The weekend was going brilliantly for the Mexican having qualified in an excellent P8 ahead of his team-mate Stroll back in P15. However, the race couldn't have been worse as he was the first car out of the race crashing out very soon after the start. Lance Stroll finished in a solid 4th which is the teams best result of the season and gives them a much-needed boost in the championship. However, Perez must be livid with himself that he let such a good opportunity to score slip (quite literally) away.


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Henry Turner