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N​OTE: This article just focuses on cars produced and sold by German manufacturer. Cars that bear other countries' brand names but were produced in Germany don't count.


I​ got to admit that it's somewhat unfair to call Trabant worse even though it is crappy. Judged by the technological level and the communist government of DDR. Trabant was indeed the only car they could produce. A very poorly made car with a very weak engine. It didn't get any interior except four seats. It's rather obvious why it got cancelled almost immediately after the reunification.

2​. VW TYPE 181

N​o doubt this is a very cool VW. However, apart from that, it is actually rather useless. Not something you will call practical or with high mobility. Not a good beach car either. A modified Beetle should've performed better. The engine is underpowered, causing a slow acceleration. And one more thing, it was called the "THING" in the North America market. Not an attractive name, quite bad instead.


T​he first car popped out from my mind when I was thinking about the article. The car that didn't live up to its name quite well. A wagon with offload ability, what could go wrong? Well something did go wrong. The air suspension was too advanced and it failed constantly. The 2.7L engine was not really common, making maintenance could be a hard job. After all choosing a normal Audi A6 Avant with Quattro may be a better idea.

4​. Smart Fortwo

T​he idea of a nimble city car was brilliant. But Mercedes just didn't handle it nicely. It was slow, impractical, over-priced...... the list goes on. It just didn't sell. People demanded a city car but when it was finally made, it just wasn't the thing that people thought.


F​rankly when compared with other cars on the list, W202's flaw is quite minor. First, it was a good car. It was well-engineered, just like many other Mercedes. The main problem came from its paint job. The painting caused the car rusted unreasonably quick. Some more complaints remain controversial, including the styling and the electric wires issues. Not to forget the legendary W201 was hard to surpass so it was unfair to say this gen C Class ugly. At least after 26 years it looks kinda classy(or is it). One more complaint was about the price, I remembered when this car was new, the base version even considered air con as something extra. Seriously in a MERC?

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