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5-year-old Lamborghini fan steals parent's SUV to buy a Lamborghini

We all dream of owning supercars, and while as you get older, that dream may become more realistic, that's not the case for all of us.

Well, that's what happened to one 5-year-old boy from Utah, this rather determined kid decided that he wanted a Lamborghini, and while his mother refused to buy him the six-figure supercar, that wouldn't stop this rather persistent Lamborghini customer.



Armed with a whopping $3, this kid jumped into his parent's SUV and started the long trek to California. Once on the highway, a Utah Highway Patrol officer began following what he believed to be an intoxicated driver, only to find out that the driver was, in fact, 5 years-old.

The report didn't say how far he got, but it didn't take too long for a patrol officer to notice something odd about the SUV in question on Utah's I-15 highway. It was struggling to maintain the lanes and was traveling only 30 mph.

"He was sitting on the front edge of the seat so that he could reach the brake pedal to keep the car stopped while I was standing there," the trooper said. The kid didn't know he had to put the car into park, but the trooper helped him do so.

"How old are you? You're 5 years old?" the trooper asks. "Wow… Where did you learn to drive a car?"

It was at this point that the boy explained his intentions to the trooper, saying that he was driving down to California, where his dream car was waiting for him.

Now while this rather unqualified buyer never mentioned which Lamborghini he wanted to buy, I'd imagine that he was going for the Aventador. Unfortunately, however, he was unable to get financed on account of his young age, lack of significant credit history, and his tendency to drink juice boxes.


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  • I’m more surprised about the choice of face covering thing to protect his identity they used than the fact he drove a car on a freeway without getting cought

      28 days ago
  • A+ plus for effort!

      28 days ago