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50 years. yet no words to describe the beauty

the bloke behind the restoration was talking in time frames rather then cost and fuel consumption was counted by numbers of rides instead of liters.

4y ago

So we met a guy who owned and restored this astonishing E-Type. Had to be quick as the Jag was supposed to leave the country the next day.
Took the best lenses, got our clean(ish) shirt on and headed for the petrolhead safari to see the Jaguar in real life.
The owner gave us a quick brief about the horrible state of the car when it arrived from USA. And we wish the toe nails would fall off for that previous owner as the car had at least two accidents.
It is back now in the best condition possible - the fresh paint job flirting with the rays of evening sun. The spotless red interior with every thought-out stitch was just inviting us to roll up the sleeves, get The Rolling Stone – Satisfaction on the original stereo and drive wherever the incredibly long bonnet directs us.
The engine is the 5.3 liter V12 designed for the Le Mans racing and giving you an impossible 400 Nm of torque. This is pretty much what a 2008 Aston Martin Vantage V8 can do. What it can‘t do is the special petrol/lube smell that comes from a 4-carb engine in the Jag.
When talking about the restoration, the bloke behind it was talking in time frames rather then currency units and fuel consumption was counted by number of rides instead of liters.
Having in mind that even Enzo Ferrari himself once called the E-type the most beautiful car in the world, we shall just stop talking and let you enjoy the gallery yourselves.

Photo by: Tomas Liubertas

Introduction by: Karolis Birgilas

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