5000 bumps reached! We are finally at Middle of the Road!!!!

4y ago
- This yellow facelifted NSX with the Type-R spec spoiler from Brian Madigan made me fanboy for an entire night. Dream car in my dream color. Brian is awesome so go follow him and his Geek Car tribe!
- Steven Welch is such an active member of the spotting community and his photography skills are just out of this world. He has some amazing posts so go check him out!
- SHOE YATSUKA is an awesome and knowledgeable member of this tribe and I have learned a fair bit about JDM cars from him on this tribe. His posts like this S15 are awesome.
- Queen Vee is a very awesome and active member of this tribe and this post of my car (jk it isnt but it is the same model and color) is definitely going into this list haha
- Ever since Naomi Holmes has joined my tribe, she has brought many great posts and has become an invaluable member of the tribe. She comes with great spots like this FK2 Type R. Go and support her as well!!
- Now James Harvey shouldn't be a stranger to anybody. He is a really cool guy and the first person I interacted with on this site. He has supported and mentored me from the very beginning and he is an awesome person. This was an interesting GTR lol
- Lou Lou, you have been a very valuable member to this tribe. You have supported me since the very start and you are a great friend to have in this community. I love this Evo V !!No
- Another one from Gordon, this is just an amazing spot. A Project D spec FD is just amazing. I am so jealous of him for being in such a great city for car spotting
- Gordon Ng is also a very awesome member. He may have joined the tribe later on but his posts like this yellow NSX has made me drool a river. Keep up the good work Gordon!!
- Another awesome post by Brian Dafarmer. Seeing a Toyota FT-1!? That is just unbelievable. As I had said, Brian is just an amazing guy!
- Now Brian Dafarmer is a true MVP at my tribe. He has been supporting me since the start and has been posting some great things. He is an awesome guy so go and follow him and check out his The Lead Sled Tribe!! This GTR and Levin is so awesome

Thanks to all those who joined my tribe, we were able to break through the first threshold and get to Middle of The Road!! We are on our way to many more great things. Below, I would like to thank a few of those who have helped out a lot. Although your post may not have been chosen, I am still very grateful for your support!!! Honorable mentions also go to James Harvey, who is the leader of Spotted this Today, You but is now an official Drivetribe leader for #Spotted!, Lou Lou Hodgeons, leader of Carspotter Central. If it weren't for both James and Lou Lou, I would have probably never made my own tribe and become such an active member in the Drivetribe community. Matthew D'Souza, leader of Everything Italian is another awesome guy, and Sebastian Auerbach, leader of Google Spotters! has been supporting me and my posts since the very beginning. Go and support them as well since they are awesome and if it weren't for them(as well as the people I am about to thank) this tribe would have never gotten to this point!!!

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    • Thank you for the kind words Jerry. It's been fun talking to you and seeing the fanboy come out. Keep up the awesome work.

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    • Thanks man, youve been a great supporter

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  • Congratulations on 5k Jerry!

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