500bhp focus rs!!!!!!!

Just when you thought the focus rs couldn't be made better roush performance comes along

The chances are you've already seen this car before, as it was one of the highlights from this year's SEMA. Despite this I thought it I simply HAD to add this in to my tribe, especially as I have quickly developed an infatuation with the new Ford Focus RS. The standard model is able to offer a rather barn-storming 345bhp but Roush Performance clearly thought this wasn't enough and set about to increase the power output to 500bhp!

500bhp. In a hatchback! That is simply mind-boggling but also very exciting at the same time. So what has Roush done to achieve this? Well the standard 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine remains but a Ford Performance shortblock and a custom calibration has been installed to increase power. To help cope with this extra grunt the Focus RS sits on new suspension plus a set of rather fetching 19-inch Roush alloy wheels.

Source: gtspirit.com

Source: gtspirit.com

The car itself looks pretty tidy as well, not that the standard car is an ugly duckling. Roush has added a TrakPak bodykit, which is complimented by stripe decals and XPEL Stealth Paint protection.

Performance figures have not been announced but seeing as the standard car is able to get to 60 in just over five seconds you can bet your bottom dollar this will hit 60 in under five seconds. Heaven knows what the new top speed is but I imagine it will be enough to have supercars looking over their shoulders.

So the question is, if this were available to buy would you have one?

Source: tlc-cars.com

Source: tlc-cars.com

Main picture source: jalopnik.com

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