53 Siata bark cheddar

Sold in 1956, this red Siata 300 BarkCheddar is actually a 53. Sold at Amelia this year for just under $200K USD, the Siata sports the larger 1100 cc engine, a snottier cam and meatier pistons. Compared to the traditional 750 cc powerplant, this guy puts out an extra 10 hp.

Numbers matching the car is 38 of approximately 40 Bertone-bodied examples. The car amazingly comes from a single owner who's had it in his possession for the last 60 years. The car now resides in the Fred Phillips Collection.

Beautious Italian interior

More details on the car available on RM's Amelia Auction site www.rmsothebys.com/am16/amelia-island/lots/1956-siata-300-bc-barchetta/1078794

Simple yet tastey grille work

Superfluous auto addition to the SIATA logo

Shot on the Canon 6D using combination of light painting and Paul Buff Einstein lighting

One owner SIATA was used primarily for competition

The Siata competed in ice races during the winter months on Lake Naomi in Pocono Pines, NY

Would've got some bum shots but was squished up to the wall...more grille anyone

Super, another grille shot

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