595 In A 595: An Ambitious Fundraising Challenge

42w ago


As 2018 comes to a close, I'm sure many of you are looking back over the events of the year, or perhaps you're looking forward to what 2019 has in store. For me, it's a case of both, as 2018 has been a rocky year for me, but I've got an exciting challenge to look forward to next year.

2018 Heartache

2018 got off to a bad start as not too long after Christmas my father-in-law, Trevor, whom had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in summer last year, was admitted to a hospice. He had been relatively fine at Christmas, but January saw him go downhill rapidly with very little warning.

The 6th of February saw the passing of Trevor on crisp winter's morning I'll never forget. I can still see the bright sun, the breath coming out of my mouth as it meets the cold air and the various song birds tweeting in the trees, oblivious of the events that had brought my wife and I's world to a stop.

Trevor was a good man, and he was a big fan of what I did. He also provided a lot of support to me and my wife, Patsy. Just when things couldn't get any worse, about a week later Patsy was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. When it rains it pours, eh? Patsy is still very much with us, in case you're wondering.

Giving something back

I feel as if I owe something back to a man that was always there when needed, and this is where 595 in a 595 comes in. On the 1 year anniversary of his passing I want commemorate him by embarking on a challenge to raise money for the wonderful hospice that did such a great job looking after him in his final days. That hospice is St Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham, south east London.

I have set myself the challenge of driving an Abarth 595 over a distance of 595 miles in just one day. Yes, really. My starting is likely to be somewhere in the heart of Scotland and the finishing point will be St Christoper's Hospice.

Why an Abarth?

That's a very good question. This all came about after I was talking to FIAT Chrysler Automobiles about doing something a little different with one of their cars. At first I spoke about doing an road trip in an Abarth, and then quite organically, I stumbled across the idea of '595 in a 595'. This then morphed in to doing it for charity to help me use DriveTribe and Car Obsession for a good cause.

This is what the actual car I'll be driving will look like - you'll note it's the convertible, so I hope I've got good weather for the trip!

How can you help?

Well for starters, I'd love you to donate whatever money you can buy heading to this link: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/595ina595. I know it's virtually Christmas, a time where money is short, but whatever you can donate, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. If you're able to offer some support for the actual trip, that'd be great.

The sort of things I'm looking to get support on would be fuel costs, printed T-shirts, and some window stickers. So if you can think you can help, please get in touch - thanks in advance.

A big thank you to Abarth for supplying the car

And a big thank you to Motor Village for their demo car for my intro video

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