6 awesome design Easter eggs hidden on the Jeep Wrangler

The creators left some little treats – if you look closely enough to spot them…

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Easter eggs are great aren’t they?

No, not the chocolate ones (although they are of course, also, brilliant), but the ones you find in films, TV shows and video games.

So named because to find them you have to search them out like an Easter egg hunt, they are little nods to the viewer or gamer, hidden by the creators and barely noticeable to anyone not paying really close attention.

Blink and you’ll miss them, but they are there – and spotting one never fails to give you a flutter of excitement.

There are plenty out there – the hieroglyph of R2-D2 and C3PO from Star Wars etched into a gold artefact found by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Arc, for example, or the Starbucks cup in every single scene of Fight Club. The Pixar movies – especially the Toy Story ones – are littered with them.

But it’s not just films and games that have these sneaky little extra touches hidden away in them – it turns out some cars have them too.

The Jeep Wrangler certainly does. It’s full of little design cues that you’ll miss unless you’re looking really closely. Here’s a few that we spotted…

Hub caps

Of course the Jeep Wrangler you can buy today is a direct descendant of the original 1941 Willys Jeep built for the American military. And that lineage is highly visible all over the Wrangler.



Most obviously, the new Wrangler maintains the distinctive slotted front grille and round headlights design which has been the hallmark of the vehicle since the 1940s.

But the side profile of the Willys jeep is just as iconic, and there are little reminders of it placed discreetly in the modern day Wrangler.

Here is a little red one set into the hub cap of the wheel:

The gear knob

But it’s not only on the outside that the spirit of the Willys Jeep is evoked – the clever designers at Jeep also snuck an image of one into the top of the gear knob, so whenever you’re behind the wheel you’ll never forget the pedigree of the vehicle you’re driving.

The rear door

Any Jeep owner – or anyone who ever had a die cast model of one – will know that brilliantly simple and distinctive seven slotted front grille that is the hallmark of the Jeep.

But this design theme extends a lot further than just the front of the new Wrangler – all the way to the back in fact. Take a look at the inside of the rear door, and count the number of slots built into the trim.

Yep, seven slots there as well

Yep, seven slots there as well

The fuel filler cap

The little touches of design all over the Jeep show just how much attention went into its creation. There is a consistency to it – a sense that it all fits together. Take the fuel filler cap for example: a round cover was needed, so the designers ported over the design of the headlights:

The centre console

If you’re a Jeep owner, this one will have been literally staring you in the face, but have you ever spotted it?

Have a close look at the infotainment screen mounted in the middle of the dashboard.

See anything there? Now look at how the two air vents are mounted either side of it. Remind you of anything? It’s clearly reminiscent of the front grille block and two headlights either side – even down to the way the mounting around the screen is indented to make room for the curve of the round vents. Clever, huh?

Compare the infotainment set up with the front grille and lights of the Jeep below

Compare the infotainment set up with the front grille and lights of the Jeep below

Climb little Jeep, climb

And lastly, there is at least one more little Willys Jeep silhouette hidden somewhere on the Wrangler. In fact, if you looked closely enough you may have spotted it in the picture we used above to show you the infotainment unit.

Look very closely...

Look very closely...

Did you see it?

Nope? Try looking closer – and direct your eyes to the bottom right corner of the windscreen. And there you find the little Jeep beginning the tackle the steep incline as the glass curves upwards at the edge. Neat.

Did you spot it?

Did you spot it?

Are there any that we have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I was ok till "The little touches of design all over the Jeep show just how much attention went into its creation." and then I couldn't stop laughing long enough to read the rest.

      1 year ago
    • Not as much it’s creation as much as it is attention to detail

        1 year ago
  • How considerate of them to put little mahindras all over the jeep.

      1 year ago
  • I have a dodge challenger. (Its mmmmmav6mmmm) shhhhhh. Anyways. I love it. And theres a challenger outline on the windscreen like the jeeps. I love those little things. Makes it feel special

      1 year ago
  • A bunch of crappy stickers to try to make up for the lack of actual effort in making it.

      1 year ago
  • Also SOS is in Braille on the rear tailgate area.

      1 year ago