- Photo courtesy of Tavarish (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvAhDxNNUDhi78tMXVGBUaQ)

      6 Awesome JDM Cars That Don't Get The Respect They Deserve

      Who else remembers these?

      2y ago


      JDM cars as super cool. We all know the ledgends, but do you remember any of these JDM specials? They deserve so much more notoriety than they do!

      So cool.




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      Comments (13)

      • Mitsubishi GTO's are All Wheel Drive, not 4WD. Big difference!

        I own a 1990 number 72 off the production line and a '96 MR GTO.

          2 years ago
        • Ok so how is 4wd different from Awd other than the name? Unless, of course, you have a six wheel vehicle.. The first GTO's were labeled 4wd in New Zealand..

            2 years ago
        • FRom what I understand 4 wheel drive cars have wheels that all move together . That is the rate of rotation is the same for all wheels and is fixed. It won’t change . This makes it problematic for road driving and going around turns as the outer...

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            2 years ago
      • My 95 3000gt was and is the favorite over any i have ever owned. To this day I regret selling it, and finding an example in good condition is hard in my neck of the woods.

          2 years ago
        • My black Mk1 3000GT is for sale - 73k full history, 3 owners, 8 months MoT. 07940540516.

            2 years ago
      • proud owner of the first one on that list

          2 years ago
      • You are forgetting the Honda Beat. A 660cc two seater open top sport car which revved up to 8000rpm and you can say it is the comeback of the old Honda S600. Think of you can rev up to 8000rpm, whatever the speed is, you could feel like you are driving a Grand Prix car. Passenger seat smaller than the driver's seat. It was the true gem of the K (or the Kei 660cc) category car. Honda fans wanted the Beat back and thus Honda has answered to the demand with the latest S660. Come on, delete the Suzuki Mighty Boy (such a rubbish too heavy understeer car and thus its life was damn short) and have the Honda Beat in.

          2 years ago
      • 1st) Nissan R390 GT1

        2nd) 300ZX Twin Turbo it Beat the Vette!

        3rd) Mistubishi Conquest TSi Turbo 2.6 Jackie Chan

        4th) Toyota MR2 Supercharged Fastest car that year 0to60mph

        5th. Mazda Rx7 Turbo II fc Balanced between weight n power

        6th. Honda NSX Mugen Power Type R well it's the NSX shape Defining! Like no Other...

          1 year ago


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